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The family and friends of Duke are raising money to cover his medical expenses.

Duke is a 5 year old pure breed rotweiler...that has been through the ringer in his short time. At the age of 1 he had to have his right hip and knee replaced. Though both hip and knee on his left side should have been replaced as well, the family didn't want to put him through the surgery again at such a young age. The following year he had to have cataract surgery in his right eye. Again the left one should have been worked on as well, but the condition of his left eye was not terrible so surgery could be delayed. So for a few years he had a good run without surgeries until last night. Last Saturday night, he apparently got a hold of the baby's pacifier and refused to give it up. He may or may not have spit out the pacifier, because we still can't seem to locate it, or pieces of it. He started vomiting Sunday night, and we were convinced it was due to the pacifier. We tried to ease the vomiting by ommitting food and limiting water intake. After a day he refused to eat, and whenever he took water he would vomit soon there after.  As of Wednesday, he had no energy at all. It took us 40 minutes to just get him out of the small bathroom he was in, and then had to carry him out to the car in a blanket...he couldn't even walk. So after getting him to the emergency vet, and them running some diagnostics, he seemed to have a metallic foreign object stuck in his small intestine. Their fear was that the small intestine was thinning because of the object and subsequently could start to leak fluid out. We had to leave a deposit of $5500.00 in order for them to do the surgery.  The surgery was successful, which we are greatful for.  After removing the rock (the foreign metallic object) they had to remove parts of the small intestine as well and sew together to "good" pieces of the small intestine.  We were informed that more funds would be needed for the post surgery care, and had to give an additional $3200.00 to them yesterday for the continued care.  I am not sure if i said to much or not enough, but maybe someone can lend a helping hand. We know that times are tough for everyone in this economy, so we'd like to thank you in advance for your support, and just remember that every little bit would help.  That's our story.

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