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The children of Jeanne Sellers Scott are asking to help raise money for the medical expenses of battling a cancer known as Ewing's sarcoma.

Please, if you know our family personally, keep this a secret from our parents. We want to keep it a surprise. Thank you.

Fighting the odds of two percent.

Just when we thought our family had dealt with enough strange medical misfortune, our mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Ewing's sarcoma. It is considered a pediatric cancer, yet still rare, but affects about two percent of adults.

Our family has been blessed by enough gifts to last many lifetimes; Unfortunatly, luck is not one.

Dec of 1999- My healthy father had a brain aneurysm that he wasn't supposed to survive.

May of 2000- After making a nearly full recovery from his aneurysm, he shattered both of his legs riding a ladder down from a house while fixing windows and his legs got caught under the rungs of the ladder. This accident took away our family's sole income. The doctors told him he would not be able to walk again and may have to have his legs amputated.Thankfully, he beat the odds and can now walk short distances. Because he could no longer work, mom had to return to work after taking time off to raise her children.

May of 2002- My otherwise healthy mother had an unexplainable stroke at the relatively young age of 38. The reason for the stroke has still never been determined. She also had a smaller scale stroke in 2005. She made a full recovery.

Our strong parents never asked for financial help through this difficult time. They had to use all of their savings and live on mom's salary that was much less than our father's. They still managed to pay off all the medical bills (3 years ago) and had just begun to restart their savings. Now, because dad cannot work and mom will be going through chemo we are once again left without a steady income, and this time we need help.

Our parents are very wonderful, loving, strong individuals and have given us nothing less than what we needed and wanted. Now we are trying to return the favor and are asking for donations to help them get through this very difficult time.

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