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This fundraiser is to assist in bringing my new service dog, Deke, to me so I can live an independent life.

Minigoal accomplished - but we still need your help! Please check the "Updates" tab for more info (and a cute picture!) 

Hi! I'm Seth. I'm 21 years old. Most kids my age are in college or starting careers, have their own apartments, and have bustling social lives. I have a disability - and I have a shot at that kind of life, too.

You can help.

I have a combination of multiple disabilities that make it hard for me to be independent with no assistance; muscle weakness and fatigue, dizziness, poor balance, and chronic seizure-like episodes among other varied symptoms mean that my freedom is greatly limited by my ability to remain safe in any given situation.

While there are things I can do that help make my life easier - such as using a wheelchair or forearm crutches, making sure I have someone with me when I go places, living at home with family - the best solution of all is the assistance of a specially trained service dog. I worked with a service dog, Boo, for several years - and they were some of the most independent years of my life. Unfortunately, she was forced to retire following a dog attack that made the job too stressful for her.

Now there's Deke.

Deke is a 16 month old rescue dog who was hand-selected for me after many months of searching. Personality wise, we're a perfect fit - and now he's being specially trained, one-on-one, not only to assist me with everyday tasks but also to behave and be quiet, polite, and unobtrusive in public with world-class manners and obedience. Some of the things Deke is being taught to do include:

* Retrieve dropped items and deliver them to my hand or lap
* Provide balance assistance when changing positions
* Open the cupboard or fridge and retrieve a snack or bottled drink
* Turn lights off and on
* "Go Pay" at high store counters
* Alert me to sounds such as my name being called, knocking on doors, and others
* Respond in a medical crisis by providing physical support, assisting in maintaining body temperature, and getting help if needed

While I can easily afford the monthly costs of care and upkeep, two thousand dollars - our final goal, though our fundraiser here is for the 600 to secure his placement with me during Team Training - is a lot all at once, and so I am turning to friends and family in a request for help.

ALL DONATED FUNDS not only go directly to the trainer, but cover exclusively Deke himself as well as Team Training costs.

Thank you for all your help bringing a team together and giving me the ability to live a normal life again.

Love, Seth & Deke

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