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This is Callie Alt's surgery expense site. Her "mom" is seeking help to pay for surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament.

Anybody who knows me knows that my two poodles, Callie and Casper, are the heart of my heart. Callie, my beautiful standard, recently tore the cruciate ligament in her left hind knee. She was doing what she does best when it happened....just being a happy girl and playing with a new dog in the neighborhood. She's such an awesome ambassador like that! She is in lot of pain and unable to bear weight on her left hind leg and needs surgery to repair the injury. We have access to great vets who can make her better and get her back on all fours. But, the procedure is expensive, as in $3800.00!

If you would like to learn more about the surgery and rehab Callie will be undergoing, please visit and click on the link for orthopaedic surgeries. There you will see an x-ray of the type of implant she will receive to repair and stabilize her knee joint. You can also read about her surgeon, Dr. Fitzwater.

Whatever I can raise to offset this amount is most welcome. I cannot really get a loan for something of this nature, as you may understand. I will manage whatever balance is leftover, but I humbly ask for your help with this unexpected expense. I am a up and coming small business owner, and like many of us, on a very tight budget these days. I was literally a week away from setting up pet insurance for both my "kids" when this happened. This surgery, unfortunately, will not be covered by Callie's plan :-( The $3800.00 is stricly for her surgery and rehab with the veterinary specialist. She is also still under the care of our family vet until her surgery date and I am already paying for those expenses myself.

Callie's surgery is set for February 27. Callie is a rescued poodle, who I drove over six hours each way to adopt seven years ago. When I adopted her, I thought I was saving her life...I cannot tell you how many times in the intervening years she has saved mine! She is as healthy and tough as they come, and this is just one of those unfortunate circumstances for dogs who are very athletic and excel at squirrel and chipmunk chasing....oh, and geese! One time, about a year after I adopted her, she chased some geese across a small lake in a friend's neighborhood. It was Christmas Eve morning and that lake had been frozen over for several days allowing her to chase the birds who were milling about on the ground beyond the lake. Well, this particularly day, the ice had thinned and she fell through up to her front armpits right in the middle of the ice! She stayed cool as a cucumber (no pun intended), did not struggle and was heroically rescued by the Fishers, IN fire department and EMS crew, who broke ice and swam out to get her. This is just one of many great stories I have about her antics, and her calm, collected and sweet nature.

If you are lucky enough to have a furry family member like her, then you understand. Thank you for your kindness.
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