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Mike Farrell's friends are uniting to help with his recovery from addiction. It's a long battle - please show your support!

Mike Farrell is one of the sweetest and most talented musicians I've ever worked with. He's also a heroin addict who, despite the challenges, has managed to stay clean for long and very productive stretches. Unfortunately, he has relapsed into heroin use dramatically over the past few years. We all know and love Mike as a person and many of us have been through this before - it's heartbreaking to see him struggle once again, but Mike seems to have reached rock bottom. He says that he wants to kick and stay clean so that he can get his life back together - although many of us have been down this road before with his addiction, we have to take that at face value. At the moment, he is homeless, but in a safe, monitored environment away from "temptations". However, this is not a sustainable plan. We recognize that a guided medical detox center and ongoing treatment plan is the best long-term solution and will give Mike a fighting chance. Some of these centers have free beds, but many of the more successful treatment centers have extraordinary costs associated with them. This fund would be administered by us (NOT accessible in any way to Michael, this is why Dana's name is listed as the 'beneficiary'), with the sole intent of paying for any costs associated with his treatment. All transactions will be fully transparent with complete accounting. Bear in mind, the guy has no insurance, no money, and could be facing charges for a recent possession arrest. He needs to get his act together, clearly - but this fund will at least show him that he doesn't have to do it all alone, and hopefully provide a foundation for his full recovery from addiction. Please don't hesitate to message me privately if you have any questions regarding this fundraiser or it's intent. And thanks for your support - although Mike doesn't prefer this kind of financial help from his friends, he is overwhelmed, touched and motivated by your show of love and support.
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