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Misty Oak Weimaraners is dedicated to raising money for Luna, a 9 week old puppy in need of heart surgery. The Surgery is a 97% success rate

Luna is a 9 week old Weimaraner puppy. She was very small at birth, but just as lively and vital as the rest. Showing no signs of any health issues, gaining weight, eating appropriately she was adopted by a loving family. After a concerned vet heard an irregular heart beat it was determined that Luna had Patent Ductus Arteriosus also known as PDA. Without surgery Luna will not live to see her 1st birthday. Luna is a sweet puppy, and her family loves her so much. We truely need help to save her life. I cant think of a better Christmas gift for this family than to save their precious puppy.

What Is Patent Ductus Arteriosus?

In the case of PDA (patent ductus arteriosus), the vessel fails to close completely, so some blood continues to bypass the lungs. When this happens, even though the puppy is breathing, the proper amount of blood is not flowing to the lungs, and therefore, the puppy is not receiving enough oxygen to meet tissue demands. PDA can exist in all breeds. Poodles, German Shepherds, Cocker Spaniels, Pomeranians, and Shetland Sheepdogs have the highest incidence. It is also more common in females than males.

What are the risks?

Without treatment, almost all dogs with PDA will live a shorter than normal life. Depending on severity, some will live only a few weeks, others can survive longer.

What is the management?

Treatment of PDA requires surgery. The surgical procedure involves tying off the ductus arteriosus with suture material, thus routing all of the blood flow through the lungs. Surgery is quite successful and is best if done early before growth is affected.
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