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We are trying everything we can to get the best medical help for our 7yr old cat, so please don't be shy, literally EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

We've had our cat Sunday for four years now, and I have got to say they have been the best four years of my life. Sunday was a stray when we found her, living in a neighborhood full of stray dogs, her previous owners threw her away when they found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to her kittens on the streets and soon after, when all the neighbors saw how beautiful her kittens were, her kittens were one by one taken away from her, leaving Sunday by herself to hide and run away from all the other cats and dogs surrounding the neighborhood. My brother and I first met Sunday on September 6, 2008. She randomly just approached us when we were putting away the groceries and practically begged us for attention. We sat with her outside for hours just petting her and enjoying each others company. The next day we saw that she was waiting for us in the morning by our kitchen window, staring at u, telling us to come outside. That day we decided we would keep her, and name her Sunday for the day we first fell in love with her. For two months Sunday and I walked together to the bus stop to get to school, I would say goodbye to her and she would run back home to wait for me when I got out of school. As it started getting colder my brother and I became more pushy with my mom, begging her to let Sunday in, fearing that once it started to snow, we'd never see her again. In December we realized that Sunday was pregnant. At first we thought it was just her gaining weight, which was a good thing since she was so skinny, that we didn't realize it until she was ready to blow, and four days before Christmas day, Sunday gave birth to nine kittens.We gave all the kittens away to loving homes, except for three, which no one seemed to want. One evening when my brother and I weren't home, my mother accidentally let Sunday out, and yet again, she became pregnant. After her third pregnancy, we neutered her, fearing that if she got pregnant another time she would be severely ill. Now Sunday is as happy as can be, except for one major problem. She seems to have been infected with Tape Worm. Being the weight that she is after three pregnancies and being neutered, her Tape Worm is really starting to affect her behavior. She tries hard to seem like she's fine but I can see by the way she wobbles around and winces when she sits that she's far from it. We've bought her de-wormer medicines but it doesn't seem to be helping and I'm starting to fear that she's a lot worse than I thought in the beginning. We can't afford to go to the vet any time soon because I'm applying to college this year and the money is strictly paycheck to paycheck, and that's for food and rent. I want Sunday to get better but we don't have the money anymore. I need to depend on the kindness of strangers, just this once, and help save my cat.

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