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Trooper is a sweet, fun-loving dog who was just diagnosed with mesothelioma. Please help us raise money for his surgery.

Trooper is my 7 year old k9 son who is usually full of happiness and spunk. One month ago he was diagnosed with mesothelioma. I'm struggling with funding treatment for the side effects of his disease.. Our oncologist recommended getting a "drainage port" surgically placed in Trooper. As of right now, the main issue causing him discomfort is the fluid build up in his chest. The port would greatly solve this issue so we can focus on fighting the cancer. He is such a strong boy, he is fighting for another day to go swimming, play tug-o-war and hugs and kisses.

Trooper has been apart of my family since we was 6 weeks old. I had the notion that I wanted to adopt a puppy but hadn't actually started looking. One day I went walking through the mall and saw one the those pet rescue groups adoption events. I walked in just to say hi to all the kitties and doggies. As soon as my eyes meet Trooper's, I feel in love. He was an adorable, clumsy, energetic puppy. We connected in a way I have never felt for a dog before. I took Trooper home that afternoon. We went camping that weekend. He loved playing outside and splashing in the water. I couldn't believe how he fit right into our lifestyle. He was our godsend after not being able to have our own children. Our life became even more blessed when we adopted a little sister for Trooper. I believe swimming is his favorite thing to do. We spend our time going to the beach, river, park and visiting friends.

Three months ago I noticed him getting sick. I took him to four different doctors and they all had their own diagnosis for us. None which were accurate. Finally, two weeks ago we found answers. Not the ones we wanted, but at least we can stop wasting our money with veterinarian's who misdiagnosed and mistreated him. If it wasn't for those veterinarian's skipping simple, vital test, I would have a lot more resources for treatment of Trooper's actual disease. If we can get the financial help we need for treatments it would mean the world to us, literally. To give him more happy days and years is my goal. Between traditional treatments and holistic options I feel we have a great chance at giving him the long, happy life he deserves. After all the happiness he has brought to me and those around him, the least we can do it fight for his tomorrow.

My message to Trooper...

Every day that I wake up to you is a blessing. I'm so lucky that your sweet face is the first thing I see when I open my eyes. Every time you look at me and wag your tail just makes my heart melt. I love how you pick the spot right next to me. Makes me feel so good how you love to cuddle and spoon. Each time you lick my face it makes me giggle. I want to give you many more years of camping, swimming, fetch, laser pointer, tug-o-war, hugs and kisses. There is still so much love to give to you. So many more bones to chew on and socks to carry around. Every time I close my eyes I'm scared it will be the last time I see you. Every time I say good bye I'm afraid its the final time. You've brought so many smiles and so much laughter, the happiness you spread it indescribable. Your love is unconditional and my love knows no bounds. You will be in my heart and on my mind forever. You don't deserve an end like this. You have been so strong and so brave. I'll fight for every day, we can make it through. I love you so much, Trooper. You are the best son a mother could ask for.

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