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I am here trying to help raise money for my own weight loss surgery, trying to make a healthier life for myself.

Trying to raise money so that i may be able to live a healthier life, with weight loss reduction. Now i know that some of you may think that this is selfish, but i just want people to understand that when they come across this, it is a life long battle with weight and food addiction, i haven been obese since i was eight years old and it has spiraled way out of control since then, now at 27 years old i am 363 pounds as of right now, i have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, i am also in the verge on becoming a type 2 diabetic, and may also develope hypertention as a result of failed attempts to loose weight. I have tried my whole life to get control of my weight and tried everything under the sun to stop the weight gain and loose the extra baggage. I have done many diet and exercise programs as well as self diets. I am at a loss on what to due anymore, and after a hospital visit for GOUT, my doctor wanted me to start a regiment of fish oil to help lower my cholesterol and also help me lower my blood pressure. He also referred me to DHMC hospital for a seminar on weight loss surgery. I have already started a diet and exercise regiment were i have dramtically reduced what i eat and have given up sugary snacks, as well as soda and many other foods. i am down to eating three times a day and only drinking water in between meals, and meals are 300 calories or less. i just hope that people understand that this is not for selfish reasons, this is to save my life, i want to live, i want to make something of my life, i dont want to be embarrssed when i go out in public, or have people staring anymore, i want to be proud of my self and be able to get a career in the feild of my dreams and be able to preform the physical aspects of everyday life without having to struggle because i cant breath. I understand that i dont have cancer, or need open heart surgury, nor do i want to have to go throught them either. Weight loss surgery is my only option at this point in my life were i can get my life on track health wise and finally be able to do somthing with my life that means something. I hope that who ever reads this will be caring and honest before passing judgement, and will consider donating to me, and to anyone who decides to help, i am very greatful and thank you so very much in advance. thank you for you consideration.
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