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My name is Robyn Lyon and my world has been turned upside down.i am a single mom of 4.

Since December 2016, there have been 4 deaths in my family. One of them was my brother, who i thought we were close. His death, which i witnesssed and was unexpected, hit me hard. I had a mini stroke and mild heart attack. I went on a small disability and bills became more and more behind. Me and my kids were living with my brother, and i didnt realize how much debt he was in, and the house is literally falling apart. I lost my car, and that made me lose my job.The house is under foreclosure, and we have to move., which I want too anyway. The mold and mildew in the house is getting us all sick.i want to move out of NJ, and move south where its cheaper and start over. I need help so i can get a car, move , get a job and be able to take care if my kids., and not feel like a failure.
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