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Pam is a strong and positive person who has an army of supporters who will help her win this battle... Let's show her how much we all care!!

Dear Family and Friends,

As most of you know Mom/Pam was diagnosed with throat cancer this past May. It generated in her tonsil, which she had removed, but she still has a tumor in her lymph node in her neck and recently found out it spread to her left tonsil. The doctors want to do the traditional radiation and chemotherapy. I know most of us just assume our doctors are right and don’t question them, however she questioned everything. She learned how toxic chemotherapy is and the harmful effects that radiation has on the body.

If she were to go with traditional therapy, she would have to undergo radiation for 7-8 weeks along with some chemotherapy. She was told that she would lose her saliva glands and have permanent dry mouth, because of this she would have to wear a mouth guard (for life) filled with fluoride to help protect her teeth (fluoride is also toxic as we are all now learning). She would also lose her taste buds, which may or may not come back. Because of the radiation, sores in her mouth and down her throat would prevent her from eating, so a feeding tube would be surgically implanted, and would be used to nourish her for approximately 2-1/2 to 3 months. She would also lose an unhealthy amount of weight throughout this process.

Her doctor recently asked her if she had all her dental appointments up to date. When she told him yes, she asked why. He told her to “remember after treatment that if you go in to get a tooth pulled to make sure and tell the dentist”, because if they pulled a tooth without putting her in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber first they could break her jaw. All of this was enough to send her searching.

She found a clinic in Houston, Texas that combines comprehensive molecular pathology and tumor profiling with evidence-based clinical literature to provide information needed to personalize therapy for patients with cancer.

All patients are given a treatment plan based on each individual. They believe in treating the whole person – not simply the disease. Every patient gets a carefully developed treatment plan.

Personalized treatment is based on identification of genes involved in cancer in each individual patient and the selection of gene-targeted pharmaceutics that selectively kill cancer cells carrying these abnormal genes. All of the medications work by destroying the cancer cells WITHOUT killing healthy normal cells (radiation kills, not only cancer cells, but all healthy cells as well). The therapies are gene-targeted therapies which shut the cancer down at the genetic level, therefore minimizing typical side effects.

Unfortunately this treatment is NOT covered by her insurance and will cost a minimum of 100k. It is therefore with hope and humility that we are turning to family and friends for help. While we are uncomfortable asking for donations, this treatment is very important to her and her healing, our goal is to raise 50K.

We wholeheartedly believe in this treatment and are told that your mental state is as important as the treatment itself. If you or anyone you know can help with anything in anyway, you have no idea how much we all would appreciate it and would be forever grateful. Please do not feel obligated, if you can’t we all totally understand.

Please forward this letter to any people, groups, Facebook contacts or organizations you are aware of that may be able to help out.

Thank you all for your donations, support, and most of all, your prayers.

With love,
Mike, Michelle and Brian

We have set up a savings account for those that would prefer to mail contributions; otherwise, you can contribute and follow her progress at

Pam Davis
4748 73rd Street
La Mesa, CA 91942
619-465-7669 Phone
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