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This is the Potpie Brain Fund. The funds will be used to cover her MRI & Spinal Tap costs, Veterinarian and Veterinarian Neurologist bills.

My 5 year old ruddy Abyssinian kitty cat named Potpie recently developed neurological problems. Potpie started having problems walking, balancing, eating properly, reacting to things, and had incontinence. This was a gradual thing, not an immediate onset. She got bloodtests for various diseases such as FIV, leukemia etc and they all came back negative. She needed to get an MRI which showed swelling of the brain squishing her cortex. Next step was a spinal tap and that later came back normal, too, which surprised the vet neurologist. In the meanwhile I had to start her up on 2.5mg of predisone and she immediately got catatonic, pupils getting huge, neck jerking back, legs stretched straight out & stiff, slightly shaking. I was told it was not a seizure but I don't remember what neurologist called it, after an emergency trip to the vets. Later at home, I still thought she was going to die as she was laid unmoving on my bed in the crook of my arms with her head resting on my armpit area. I kept telling her she wasn't suppose to die at 5 years old, she was suppose to grow old. :-( her neurologist had her predisone upped to 5 mg and she's been on B-12 thiamine shots. She's improved a bit now, has control of her pee/poop, better balance, but still not 100%. Right now they sent her urine and blood to a university to test for known neuro-degenerative diseases. The vet went over all the flea meds and supplements she was exposed to and said any reaction to those items would have been immediate and not gradual. He also said if it was neuro degenerative, that she would not have improved with or without the meds. And that if it was autoimmune, either an infection or cell inflammation should have been found. Right now it is all a big mystery.

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.
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