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Coco, my 10 y/o best friend was recently diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia.

Here is some information about the disease (AIHA). AIHA is a disease where the body does not recognize its own blood cells and kills it. This life-threatening disease has killed many dogs worldwide. The cause of it is unknown and there have been no documented cures for this disease. As of now, Coco is taking many drugs at high dosage prescribed from the vet to stabilize his RBC from reaching any lower. It is now at a dangerous zone where he may need blood transfusions.

The most chilling part about this disease is that there are no physical symptoms because he is bleeding internally. He may look happy and playful but as I put my ear near him, he is breathing rapidly and silently- trying hard to hide it.

In my early childhood, raising Coco was not an easy task. I wasn't aware of the responsibilities of owning a dog. I was 10 when he was just 4 months old.

My parents never favored Coco as he was just a "burden" to the family. He caused chaos at times like chewing up my homework, ruining the furniture, and performing acts leading me to take the blame. But I never once abandoned him.

At this rough and stressful time, Coco has been diagnosed with a disease that requires long-term treatment. The vet bill has taken a toll of me mentally and physically. I do not want to put down my dear friend neither do I want to watch him suffer. I am trying my best to afford these weekly treatments but they are so much to bear for a student like me. I love my baby and he was never a pet to me but a precious family member. He was there when I was at my lowest. Now it is time for me to be there for him until the end. Please support Coco because I believe there is still hope. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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