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My name is Hannah Jordan and I am fourteen.

I have a rare disorder that causes my blood sugars to drop dangerously low. I need your help to get a really important piece of medical equipment to keep my blood sugars in a safe range. If they drop too low it can be really dangerous for me. It's called a CGM (which stands for continuous glucose monitor). Dexcom makes it.
I currently have a feeding tube that runs a glucose mixture directly into my stomach. I have needed it for eight years straight and had it placed on one of my trips to New York when I was six. At night, I am hooked up to an IV pole and during the day, I wear a backpack with my pump and bag of fluids that I need. I was really sick for most of my life. Now, I am feeling better and am trying to make up for lost time!
Late this last February I learned to ride a bike. I have been riding a LOT and am really having the most fun I have ever had!!! I started racing within 3 months of learning to ride and now have 11 podium finishes and three are State Championships (for Road, Time Trial and Cyclocross). In September, I rode in a 101 mile ride in 5 hours and 18 minutes with my club. In October I raced a train in "Race the Rail" in Watonga and beat the train, too!!
Even with all the extra stuff I do to try and keep myself safe, sometimes I still feel like my my blood sugars could be low. In April, I went to Colorado to Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. They discovered that I burn through carbs really fast. They said a typical person burns should burn 50% carbohydrates and 50% protein. I burn 95% carbohydrates and 5% protein.
I need to go back to Boulder for more testing to figure out exactly what I need but, I need to get this equipment first. The insurance won't pay for it because my main diagnosis isn't diabetes. I have had blood sugars as low as 9 and over 600 but, it is from a metabolic situation.
Please share my story and help if you can. Even if all my friends gave five dollars it would cover the cost. No gift is too small and all is appreciated. If you can't give that's okay too. Please pray that all my needs are provided so I can keep doing what I love!!!
Lots of Love from your friend!

(If any extra comes in, it will go towards racing expenses).

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