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The family and friends of Matt McLane are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against cancer. Every donation counts!

UPDATE: We are very close to all our goal, and we've had some recent momentum (can't thank you all enough) so we've decided to extend the fundraiser for one more week. Don't worry, even if we meet our goal, you can still help this family! We hope to surpass our goal. The end date will now be February 1st, which also happens to be Jesse & Matt's daughter Morgan's 10th birthday! Hopefully it will bring us some good luck!

Matt McLane, 35 years old and father of three beautiful young children, ages 4 - 12, was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma for a third time this September. It's true that Hodgkin's Lymphoma typically has a high success rate when it comes to treatment; 80% of cases are cureable. Unfortunately, Matt falls in this 20% where he has not had success in treatment. This is very scary, but if you know Matt, you know he isn't giving up. He has developed the nickname "Mattitude" since he was first diagnosed with this disease in November of 2009, because of his undying positive attitude. Matt's brother even had yellow rubber bracelets made with this message.

Having already undergone 9 months of debalitating chemotherapy after the first diagnosis and a stem cell transplant after the second diagnosis, Matt's next option was for a donor bone marrow transplant. Kits were sent to his three siblings and his name was entered into the National Bone Marrow Registry. Unfortunately, no match was found through his siblings or the National Bone Marrow Registry. This means that Matt is ineligible for a donor marrow transplant because it can only be done with a perfect match. Knowing this, his doctors consulted with Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, MD. Johns Hopkins, fortunately, has been working for the past 12 years or more on a new transplant called a haploidentical transplant, or a "half-match" transplant. At this time, Matt's siblings are being retested and other close relatives are being tested for the first time in hopes that we can find a match close enough to perform this transplant.

We know that Matt will be receiving treatment out of Johns Hopkins for at least 4 months. Matt and his wife and children live in Richmond, VA where Matt's parents will stay to take care of the children while Jessica, Matt's wife, travels back and forth between visits with Matt. Unfortunately, Matt's job has dropped him from their insurance policy. Thankfully, Matt was able to obtain insurance for a very pretty penny, as you can imagine. Matt has applied for Social Security Disability, however there is a 120 day waiting period which we already know is roughly the same amount of time he will be at Johns Hopkins for treatment. Even when Matt begins receiving this disability payment, it will be roughly the same amount as he must pay for his insurance, leaving no money for housing, food, or any other living expenses.

We're asking that you help Matt and his beautiful family during this difficult journey. Every donation counts, no matter how big or small, and if you can pass this on to anyone you know that might like to help a family in need, please do. We have the power today through technology and social media to reach thousands of people with the blink of an eye, which is an incredible thing.

This is a recent sampling of Matt's "Mattitude" taken directly from his Facebook wall: Alright---Third times a charm---John Hopkins bound this morning---Learning about this research gimmick....find a place to live for the next 6 months...Thanks for all the love folks---CANCER HAS NO CHANCE---GAME ON

We invite you to check out Matt's Caring Bridge website for more details and updates as his journey progresses.

Every donation, prayer, and generous thought for Matt is appreciated by him, his family, and the many of us who love him tremendously.

—The Family and Friends of Matt McLane

(Please note that John, Matt's father, will be receiving funds on Matt's behalf.)
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