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Kiana was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at 7 months old. This page is to help the family financially during this difficult time.

Kiana was a heathly little 7 month old little girl when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma (cancer) it affects the nerves and the bones in her body, if i wouldn't have taken kiana to her pediatrican we would have never knew she had cancer. The reason why i took kiana to her pediatrican was because i noticed her top left jaw was swollen and i thought it was teething and that maybe her tooth was having a hard time coming through. So then i let her doctor examine her and the first place he looked was her mouth and as soon as he looked into her mouth he knew that her jaw being swollen wasn't from teething he told me that the swelling could possibly be from a tumor and that he was going to call Children's Hospital Of Detroit to let them know that he was sending one of his patients  down to there hospital right away. So then i go home and tell my husband that we have to go down to Children's Hosptal because Kiana might have a tumor in her face. So we get to the hospital and we take her to E.R. and they take us back to a room and then the doctor comes in and looks at kiana and said that he was going to have her admitted to the hospital to have MRI's, x-rays, and scans done to figure out why her jaw was swollen. Kiana was admitted to the hospital April 3rd of 2012 we were in the hospital for three days and found out that she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neruoblastoma on April 6th of 2012, we were in the hospital for 6 weeks before we were able to come back home. Within the first 2 weeks we were at the hospital the swelling in her face just kept getting bigger and bigger. The doctor's did not want to start her on chemotherapy until they knew what stage she was once they found out what stage of Neruoblastoma she was they started chemotherapy. The chemotherapy was started a week before we came home, and when we were released from the hospital her face looked really great. She has to do a total of 6 rounds of chemo she has done a total of 5 so far and she is looks back to normal now and you would never of thought that she was a sick baby with cancer. We are now to the point were she is just waiting to get her 6th round of chemo and her surgeries done and her bone marrow transplant done. 

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