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Keep Morgan in your prayers as he fights this battle to walk again after being nearly killed by a reckless driver under the influence!!

We have posted some pictures on his blog as well as his first video post of his personal account of the accident. We hope they will help you understand a bit more about the accident.

Imagine: You're 26 years old. You are working two jobs just to make ends meet but you love what you do. You're a healthy young man striving to bring positivity and hope to everyone you meet. Your daily goal is to give as many smiles as you can. Although some would say your life is hard, you say you're up to the challenge!


Now, imagine you wake up one day, three weeks after an innocent dinner out with friends, in a hospital bed, not able to speak, not able to feel your legs, and missing the last three weeks of your life due to medically induced coma. You have feeding tubes, breathing tubes, a tracheotomy, a 12 inch scar in your abdomen, and a metal bar sticking out of your waist connecting one hip to the other just above your pelvic region.


You find out walking may be difficult if not impossible. Once you're able to speak again your voice is nothing but a whisper. Physical therapy visits you at least once a day and breathing treatments come twice a day. Once the feeding tube and breathing tube are finally released you find out there's a blood clot in your leg that could be fatal if not treated right away.


Dozens of treatments, dozens of surgeries, and more than multiple procedures later you can barely walk 100 feet with the use of a walker but the hospital is telling you that because you have no insurance you have to be released.


Your apartment is on the second floor. You can't work, you can't even get dressed by yourself. What do you do, where do you go, how do you get through your day? Many people would collapse. Many people would lose hope.


Not Morgan.


He has taken this accident as his "re-birthday" and has vowed to make something of himself. Unfortunately, because of Arizona laws Morgan is now a severely disabled young man, trying to learn how to walk again, how to take care of himself again, with no ability to make income, and facing over $1 MILLION dollars in medical bills.


Morgan wasn't driving the car that created the accident. Morgan wasn't even driving the car that was hit. He was sitting in the back passenger seat when a young man under the influence flew across two lanes of traffic going over 70 mph in a 40 mph zone, hit his car, and threw him into oncoming traffic where his car was hit two more times.


Morgan was not at fault in any of this but he is the one suffering. Fire Chief used the jaws of life to pull him out of the car and told his mother he didn't expect to pull out a live body!


But Morgan is still giving as many smiles as he can everyday. He is still striving to live a life of positivity and hope. He is pushing himself everyday to bring himself back to the level he was before the accident. While his family helps to support him emotionally and financially he is growing stronger every day. Take a moment to give him a hug and share his site with as many as you can. Morgan has given millions of smiles in his 26 years, lets see how many smiles we can give back to him!


All monies raised for this fundraiser will go towards the debt that has already been amassed in his name in regards to this accident or will be used for current health maintenance items.



**July 27th Update**

Morgan just got out of his appointment with his chronic pain physician. They have done an NCV and and EMG on his legs (see below for definition of tests). The results came back with not so great news. Morgan's left leg, the leg that endured a blood clot and surgery to remove said clot, has SEVERE nerve damage. The doctor had the electrical currents turned all the way up and Morgan was hardly responding. Conversely, the right leg, the one that has been picking up the slack in trying to keep him moving, is overstimulated! This news means that Morgan is going to have a very hard time walking on his own without the support of a cane or a walker.


Right now Morgan is schedule to have four (4) sympathetic nerve injections in his lumbar over the next month and a half to help reduce the pain level he's in and to also try to balance out the stimulation in his legs. If this doesn't help, he most likely will be facing a permanent implant that will help stimulate the nerves in his left leg and block pain from the overstimulation to the right leg. 


Just because he is home and out of the hospital doesn't mean his journey is over. Morgan has a very long way to go and he needs our support. Please forward this on to everyone you know. Someone may be able to help out financially, even if you cannot. And if you don't feel like helping in that way simply visit his site here and leave him some encouraging words under the "hug" section. It's free and it keeps him motivated during these very trying times.


His life has been forever changed by this incident and we want to try to alleviate all the unnecessary stress he has so that he can focus on healing. PLEASE help us to help him. Donate $5..... forward this message to everyone you know.... email him on Facebook.... leave a hug on his site.... Every small act of kindness makes a big difference on his life and the outcome of this senseless tragedy. 


[DEFINITIONS] [NVC - NCV, or Nerve Conduction Velocity, is an electrical diagnostic test that provides information about abnormal conditions in the nerves. Nerves are stimulated with small electrical impulses by one electrode while other electrodes detect the electrical impulse "down-stream" from the first electrode. The resulting nerve impulses are then measured and the outcome is interpreted by the physician.]

[EMG - EMG, or Electromyography is a technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by muscles. EMG is performed using a machine called the electromyograph, to produce a record called an electromyogram. An electromyogram detects the tiny amount of electricity generated by muscle cells when they are activated by the nerves connected to them. Specialists analyze these signals to detect medical abnormalities in the spinal cord, nerves and the muscles that are connected to specific nerves.]



Please find the link to the Facebook event celebrating the leaps and bounds Morgan has come in the six months since his accident, and support him on the long journey he still has ahead of him. Come celebrate life, love, hope, strength and perserverance all from the comfort of your own home! And please share the event with all your friends!

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