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Help us Raise Money for Me & My Children to be seen By Dr. Gray In Arizona who will treat us for mold related illness. We need a minimum of 5,000 to start the treatment process. Our insurance will not pay for our treatment. Please help us. God Bless.

The money raised for this fundraiser will be spent on a 2 day clinic for me and each of my children, Jade(5) and Jordon (3) to start being treated for mold related illness. We lived in a town home for a year and started to get sick within 6-8 months of living in the town home. We have had atleast 200 various symptoms including headaches, vomiting, nausea, abdomen pains, fibromyalgia like symptoms, chronic ear infections,inflamation of lungs and sinuses, nose bleeds, easy bruising, chronic kidney infections etc. We have seen specialists and our primary care doctor. We had a air quality test done in the home which showed 13 types of elevated molds. Included were Alternaria, Aspergillus/Penicillium, Chatomium and others. The molds produce mycotoxins which poison your body and make you very sick.Our insurance, is medicaid. It will not pay for us to be seen and treated. We found a Doctor in Arizona who is able to start the treatment process for us. It is just a matter of coming up with the money for treatment. I am currently raising my children by myself. Simple, every day tasks have become almost impossible for me now that I have been battling this infection from the mycotoxins in the elevated molds in our home. I do not yet have a diagnosis or treatment plan into play. and until we see the doctor we will continue to feel bad. Normals tests done will not show what the molds is doing to my body until it is to late. I put all my trust and prayers into the hands of the Lord Jesus & I'm trusting that he will help us raise the money we need to get to Arizona to see this doctor. We have searched high and low and do not know what else to do.My son Jordon has chronic stomach aches, vomiting, and head aches every day. He is always sick with sinus infections and on many medications which do not work. The medications which we have been perscribed have only treated the "symptoms" and masked the true idenity of the source. Which is the poisoning from the toxins the mold produce. The apartment complex failed to mediate the problem for us and has left us without a home and I have also lost my job due to not being able to work like I did before. I miss 27 days of work in 4 months because of the extent of our illnesses. I even had to have my gallbladder removed. Please help our family. Any amount will help. God Bless.



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