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This is a fund to keep the heart of the neighborhood beating. It will be used to cover treatment, living expenses, and medication.

Hello, I'm Brie. I'm the one with the pint of ice cream up there with Bob. I'm setting up this fund to try and help some really wonderful people who truly need and deserve it.

My next door neighbor Jim was recently diagnosed with cancer of the throat. He also has a tumor on his tongue. His cancer has been caught at a time where immediate treatment could clear up the disease. In their present circumstances, treatment is unaffordable for him and his wife Holly. Jim and Holly have been together for over thirty years and inseparable since the moment they met. Without her husband, Holly would be like a storm-tossed ship at sea without a lighthouse. Things like this should never happen to such wonderful and caring people that I am fortunate to have as neighbors.

I was in a car accident recently that left me incapacitated and stuck at home for weeks. Jim and Holly kept me company and kept me sane through all of the frustrations of not being able to do the most basic of things for myself, being alone for ten or more hours a day, and the usual overreactions one has when they are left to stew in their own head. I remember the first day I moved into this neighborhood. The lawn in the front had grass that was two feet tall and a mess. We nearly destroyed the mower trying to get it down and after we finished, we realized we had no clue what to do about the clippings. Jim and Holly came from out of nowhere with brooms in hand and happily helped us clean it up. The old cliche about neighbors bringing over cookies to welcome a newcomer has just about died, and here they were, didn't know us from Adam, helping with the manual labor of lawn care. They are just as considerate and caring of everyone else in the neighborhood and it hasn't stopped in the years I've been here.

I'm very lucky to be in such a unique corner of the country. This neighborhood stands as a bastion of what being a neighbor is. Jim and Holly are a huge part of what makes this happen. I would really love to be able to give something back to those who have given so much without being asked. I would like to use this fund to help them not only afford treatment but to also help them with the things we take for granted as being covered....because we never expect them to not be such as electric bills, mortgages, rents, medications, groceries...There's so much that suffers and falls behind when your mind cannot focus on anything but getting better and the painful idea of the consequences if you don't. Life threatening illnesses don't only affect those carrying the illness and it's too much for any one person to take on while trying to be strong for their loved ones.

Please help me to broaden the base of support so that they do not have to go through this painful and overwhelming battle alone. ANYTHING HELPS! No amount is too small to count and every dime is greatly appreciated. Whether it's 1 dollar or 100, every bit gives more hope to Jim making a full recovery. Thank you all.

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