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My beautiful 2 yr old Newfoundland needs your help! He's got a lot of lovin left to do and he's not ready to go yet.

Kingsley is a two year old Newfoundland with a beautiful loving Eeyore-esk mind. Unfortunately the body that was given to him is very weak and is breaking down on him before our very eyes.Ragardless of his physical weaknesses Kingsley is a very happy dog who long's to romp and play the way he used to. He can still swim and and hang out out with his best friend Willow and that's when hes in his glory. At this rate Kingsley will have to be put down long before he is ready to go. please help me to make Kingsley as strong and healthy as he should be. A healthy Newfie only gets about 8-10 years of life. Kingsleys already at two . He will only have a few years to live his sweet little life on this earth and he deserves a strong body to live in.
As of right now the top two procedures that Kingsleys anticipating are cruciate ligament repairs. he's already torn one and his vet feels very confident that due to his cow hockedness we can count on the other knee going fast. Double hip replacement surgery is a possibility if the vet thinks he's strong enough to endure it. but right now I have my focus on his knees.He's not ready to go yet. he barely just arrived on this earth. please help me so Kingsley can live the life he deserves to live. I will keep my spirits high and lot's of love in my heart and do whatever it takes to take care of my boy, King.
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