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Our Home Town is trying to come together to collect this money for Billy. Please find yourself guilty of helping and being a blessing.

Kira's View... About My Dad, Billy Hargesheimer...

He is one awesome super cool guy! If you don't know my dad you need to.

Born November 13, 1958 in Sherman, TX to Ruth and Bill Hargesheimer. He has one older sister Cindy Lou and one younger brother Terry Wayne. His dad, my Papa, owned and operated B & B Pipe Yard in Sherman, TX and gave many people jobs in our area. My Dad worked for my Papa at the pipe yard. They say he managed people, but I also hear he had a lot of fun on the job!! Matter of fact, that is where he met my Mom, Debbie. Dad was Mom's boss, LOL, who would of guessed one day the shoe would be on the other foot!! Mom was four years younger and absoultly gorgous. From my view of what has been told to me, Dad was kinda the opposite of my sweet Mom. He was hippy and earthy and she was a cheerleader and worldly type. She brought home a long haired hippy to meet her conservative Oklahoma Parents. Well he must of passed the test because it wasn't long after that they were getting married; October 17, 1981 they tied the knot here in Denison, TX at Evangelist Temple. Guess what else awesome was happening?? I was on the way by then...I like to say I was in their wedding too, Momma just had me in her dress; I was born to them the next year, May 7, 1982. I believe the story goes he almost missed my birth due to a fishing trip... Dad had no idea what kind of trouble he was in when he had me!! You know the love between a Father and a Daughter will shake the Earth's Crust it is so strong. I am a Dady's Girl... Only a mere 13 months go by and guess what Dad is blessed with next?? Billy Todd my little brother!! He was born to my Dad on June 21, 1983. If anyone knows Todd then they know he is a spitting image of my Dad. Todd was an awesome gift for Dad. He had the opportunity of coaching Todd through many years of Little League Baseball and Boy Club's Tag Football. Seeing that he is so good at sports and driven to win he was a fantastic coach. YES there were many times he was thrown out of the ball park, but all good coaches are, aren't they?!! My Dad worked hard for our family to be happy. I remember times changed for my Dad and our family when Papa passed away. Dad got a job at Kwikset for like $4.15 per hour, just to have insurance for the family. He worked 3rd shift those days and we missed him at night. Mom missed him the most at night. It was a tough, man like job; Dirty and long hours with no appreciation really for what you do unless you meet your quota . He got sick during my high school years while working for Kwikset. It was a rough time for the whole family. He had treatments like kimo and it took him to his knees. It was extra hard for me to see my strong father be weak at all. BUT the treatments worked, thank you God, and he was healed. Not too many years later, Dad decided that he wanted to work for himself. The birth of the tanning salon!! He called it being the Tanning Man. "A tanning salon?? I said. Where did you guys get this from??" Dad wanted to make sure Mom was always taken care of is what he said. They started Ja Makin Me Tan late spring 2003 in Denison, TX. Growing and changing yearly, adding salons and moving others. Today they have a Super Center tanning Salon in Sherman with 13 beds and spray tanning. They have been blessed with loyal clients and a steady busy salon ever since. Just recently he found a knot in his neck followed by four more. He went to the doctor and they said that he had a bad ear infection and sent him on his way with antibiotics. One month later the knots are bigger, there was some pain and Dad was worried. He went back and they said Oh no it isn't an ear infection, not sure what it is, but you need to have some more testing. The next tests showed he needed them removed. Quick day surgery removed lipnoids. Went into doctor to get staples removed a week later and with out any warning, or bedside manner if you ask me, he was told yep it's cancer and we are not excepting cancer clients with out insurance at this time. Walking out of the doctors office must of been one of the hardest times for my dear Dad. He had been told yes it's cancer but had no idea where it was or what to do. We got tests done asap to find out it was lung cancer in stage four. It is is in his lower lobe and is over 3 inches in diameter. We wanted to start treatment the next day of coarse, but we found out that this is not an easy task at all. If we had $41,000 down we could start today. I never knew there was a price on our life's. I think we are all so priceless that I just never thought there would be a day I would have to put a cost on my Dad's life
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