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Military Family in urgent need!Please help us to get what we need for our Kids.

We are parent's from 2 small children 4 years old and 20 months old.
I can't work because of health problems I got.
I have a tumor on my liver and RLS. I suffer from depression and anxiety .High blood pressure and I just found out I have around 10 spots on my brain. Possible MS that's what the doctors told me. That extra income we would have if i could work would help us so much but we don't have it.
My husband was stationed in Korea last year October and we had to stay back because our paperwork to follow my husband wasn't approved yet.That's what we know now. At that time we were told that the papers are done but not the orders for me and the kids.From that moment my husband left our life went down.Me and the kids were homeless for 4 months.Nobody cared about us. We stayed here and there for a few weeks and nothing happened in Korea. Our paperwork got lost many times or where lying around on somebody's desk for weeks. My husband couldn't do much since he was over there and were over here. I got forced to take loans out for Hotels and stuff the kids needed since we left GA and the kids had only summer cloths. We had to move 7 times. From friend's house to hotel then back to Friend's house .To CT and TX and finally to WA! Just in WA we had to move 3 times. We got harassed in the Hotel. We got forced to do things we didn't want to do! All that stress and moving ,not knowing when the kids will see their father again, made the kids sick. My 4 year old son started to be very aggressive he started to cry in his sleep and woke up crying and looking around the house if his Daddy was there. We had nothing. No furniture, clothes, dishes, or car. Where ever we had to go we needed a taxi. The taxi drivers figured out quickly that I didn't know my way around and took a vantage of my situation and drove me about 50 miles to get food. I have to say I am German and only live in the States for 3 years and that was the first time be alone with 2 kids in the States. Since i am so sick and I broke down at home under that pressure i was the last few months , the military brought him back to WA and he was approved to stay here. Korea overpaid my husband and decided to take all the money out of our only paycheck we have and left us with 45$ and that check before that one we had 160$. My husband couldn't do anything about it. We have 2 kids ! How should we pay our Bills?
We couldn't pay them.We used that little money for food for the kids.
And that's not even enough. It is getting very cold here in WA and we are from GA. The kids have no winter clothes and my 20 months old daughter just broke her used crib. I can't afford a crib and Christmas presents. We about to get the phone shut down and electricity. We have no gas for in the car and i don't even know if they can take the car away from us because we can't pay the payment . Please! I am happy about anything. Everything help's now!!!

We need the money for clothes for the kids.
We need a crib and a bed for the kids.
We need money to pay off the bills they got higher because of the low paycheck's.
We want to get the kids Christmas presents.
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