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As most of u know my two boys have asperghars and adhd.

My youngest Cameron also has sensory issues which make it very hard for him to function in a social environment. We are still
Trying to figure out a way to work with him and have him focus enough to buckle down and be nice to his friends and teachers. He often has to be over stimulated which leads to chinning others hands digging hitting punching and head butting. Often he is out of control. We have figured out that both boys settle down and buckle down when they use the computer. I was hoping to raise some money for them to be able to buy tablets for thier learning and get them into some activities. At this moment money is very tight with all the bills for medical and living. We wee hoping to Reach out and see if we could Raise some funding to help my children grow and become successful. We would like to be able to get them into some other extracurricular activities to maybe learn discipline and make some friends like karate. School is very hard for them they have few friends because none of the kids understand why they act the way they do. They tend to get into other people's space and not understand why they are shunned away. It's very hard for me to see that. We are still trying to find medications to help them focus but so far nothing has acted in a positive manner. Brody had to stop the medicines because they caused him to lose 8 lbs from last year. He's eight and only weighs 51 lbs. thankfully since he has been off the medications he is putting back on weight. Unfortunately though he now is acting out at school and getting suspended for behaviors which is due to his dicsibility we r now in between psychiatrists. Trying to find better answers for them. If anyone can help it would be great and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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