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James Patrick Aspinall is currently in end stage Cystic Fibrosis and is awaiting a double lung transplant - show your support today!

I would like to introduce a very special young man. For those of you who don’t know him, his name is James Patrick Aspinall. For those of you who do, I am sure we can agree there is no one who deserves this more than he does. Patrick is a strong, happy and optimistic individual; a fighter in all ways possible. He is kind, caring, and thoughtful - a friend for life kind of guy. His positivity is contagious and his smile can light up a room (How do you think he snagged me?) The love he has shown is immeasurable, incomparable, and something I never thought I would experience at twenty-five.

These days Patrick spends most of his precious time at the hospital or resting at home, often struggling to do things many of us don’t even think about – like taking a walk or cooking dinner. As he progresses into the end stage of Cystic Fibrosis, there are no more options left and a double lung transplant is necessary for survival. For Patrick every breath has become a battle; and every treasured second has become a win.

Needless to say, this past year has been the most grueling year of his existence. Despite an increasing number of hospital admissions and multiple ICU stays, he has never given up the fight - and most importantly - has never lost hope. Despite his healthy appearance and sunny disposition, he is suffering. Patrick has learned to live within his limited capabilities – doing all that he can, when he can – and not doing what he simply cannot.

He currently requires the aid of oxygen to insure his body is not overworking to catch a breath, which means his tanks must always be nearby and he has to stay put. A typical day consists of several breathing treatments, several rounds of pills and very little activity. For him, this has become the norm – and it breaks my heart daily. Thanks to our wonderful family and friends, Patrick and I undoubtedly see a life outside of these constraints - and will do all that we can to get there.

This week Patrick has finally been approved to receive a double lung transplant at USC Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. While this opportunity is an indescribable blessing, the surgery is estimated to be 1.2 million dollars, and even with insurance covering most of the cost Patrick will need to raise funds to cover those expenses not provided: co-pays, family visits, at home care and hospital fees.

Through this rough transition, Patrick could use our love and support more than ever. Due to his current circumstances he is unable to work, and the residual insurance debt continues to rise. In addition to medical costs, Patrick also needs money to pay for the necessities, like rent, food, medications, and other various life expenses. This is where we really need you.

As part of P’s courageous fight, I am asking anyone and everyone who is willing and able to contribute to my mission – which is getting him new lungs, with no debt. Whether you only have $5 or $500,000 (we’re aiming high!), every little  gift helps. Patrick deserves to be comfortable and calm during this period, focusing on his health and not the bills. If you can make a contribution, every cent will be received with love and more gratitude than there is room to write.

Let’s all show him how much his bravery means to us by helping him when he really needs it. Because really, is there any man who is more worthy than Patrick? Not that I’ve ever met. I will keep everyone updated with any new developments, please continue to send your positive energy and prayers our way. Let’s hope we’ll all be breathing easy soon.


Nicole, the Girlfriend


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