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Addison’s family and friends are uniting to raise money for treatment that will enable her to conquer the difficulties of autism.

Help give the gift of speech to a beautiful three-year-old girl who wants to share her thoughts with the world. Your help can greatly impact the trajectory of a little girl’s life.

Addison Heartlee  is an amazing three year old who loves to watch Disney movies, hang out with her collection of stuffed Giraffes, she loves the color blue and like most young girls she is obsessed with Princesses! She was diagnosed with autism a year ago and although she isn’t able to communicate with words she has a lot to say! Addison is an extremely smart and intelligent little girl, but due to autism is nonverbal and we want to hear what she has to say.

At the age of three, most children pick out their own clothes, sing songs, and tell their mom and dad they love them. Addison is not able to do this. She is unable to communicate pain or fear. But when she falls down and cuts herself she gets back up with out a peep or a reaction and keeps going. Addison is fiercely determined to advance her linguistic skills but needs your help. 

Addison’s single mom is the hardest working woman you’ll ever meet. She is dedicated to her daughter and spends her days going to nursing school, working and taking her daughter to and from school and home where her mom helps watch Addison.  

Autism does not define who Addison is, but it affects how she interacts with the world. Autism is a spectrum disorder of brain development that is characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. The only treatments available for children with autism are therapies that address social, verbal and behavior issues – there is no pill or cure. The social, behavioral, and verbal difficulties of autism vary by individual. This means that one therapy program does not fit all.

We started this fundraiser to raise money to cover the costs of the deductible and copays in order for Addison to receive treatment she needs through Autism Partnership, which is an Autism therapy program that addresses the specific needs of the individual patients. Autism Partnership is not the only therapy program Addison needs, but it is the most important for her, and the program that will facilitate her speech development. Through Autism Partnership, Addison will have individual therapy sessions for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. We want her to be able say things that many of us take for granted: her name, Mom, I love you. 

If Addison is unable to receive treatment through Autism Partnership, the alternative is a state-run program where she will be 1 of the only non-verbal child out of 20. She will be in a classroom setting where the majority of the children are 4 and 5. In addition, Addison will be expected to get to class unaccompanied despite the fact that she is not currently verbal. This is an alternative that we greatly want to avoid. 

Every ounce of support will be appreciated more than you can imagine by everyone that knows Addison. If we can raise $40,000 we can give this amazing three year old an amazing start. Her treatment is $1,000 a week, $200 a day, $50 an hour. 

If 400 people donate $100 we will meet our goal, if 1,000 people donate $40 we will meet our goal, and if 2,000 people donate $25 we will meet our goal.

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