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The family and friends of Hali are uniting to raise money to help with her upcoming brain surgery. Please show your support!

Hali started having seizures about 3 and half years ago having one while she was in Kentucky with her Aunt visiting for a few weeks. They called her parents and explained what was going on and they thought that they were all crazy, Well, once she got home she had her second one while staying overnight at a friend’s house and it has been ongoing ever since. They diagnosed her with epilepsy at that time and it was being treated with medications and she was only having seizures about once a month for the first two years. They were always partial complex seizures which means that she was always alert when she had them and never lost cautiousness. This was something that the family could handle and Hali was still feeling good and able to attend school with no problems at all.

About October of 2010, Hali’s seizure patterns started to really change with them lasting longer, her not coming right out of them like the previous seizures and them becoming more frequent. She went through many meds where some worked and some caused only many more problems. The family changed her neurologist from one in Medford, OR to one in Bend, OR hoping that having a new set of eyes would be good. In December 2010/January 2011 Hali had her first of three grand maul seizures over a 10 day period of time and her Mom said that those were the worst 10 days of their life followed by the worst year!

On January 21st, 2014, Hali underwent a surgery called VNS therapy. That entailed putting a pace maker type device into her chest with a wire that went from that device up through her neck and attached to the vagus nerve, which is the main nerve to the brain. This device sends an electric pulse to the brain every 5 minutes for 30 seconds and the main goal is for the brain to get the stimulation that it was not previously getting therefore causing these seizures. The surgery went awesome and Hali recovered with no problems at all. The VNS therapy would take up to 2 years though for it to take full affect, but the studies showed that it did work in many people and Hali was a good candidate for it.

Over the last 11 months Hali’s seizures have worsened and worsened and have become more and more frequent. This has affected her schooling as well as her health dramatically. After requesting for more than a few months to be referred to another neurologist due to her declining health, she was finally sent to see Dr. Belle (in Bend as well). In the middle of Nov. the family saw him for the first time. From the very first minute he saw Hali he referred her straight to OHSU in Portland. Hali's first visits up there were on December 15th and 16th for some testing and to meet with Dr. Carter Wray and this was the best decision the family has ever made!

The results of the MRI showed major changes in the last four years that were only causing Hali to have seizures daily at this time and since she has tried so many medications and she is still on four currently, he felt like the only thing that will help Hali ever become seizure free and live a productive and successful life as an adult would be to do a major surgery called Hemispherectomy, a surgery that entails removing the entire right side of her brain. I know, this is a shock just to read and to think that it’s even able to be done to patients and they are able to come out of it as better than before is more crazy to comprehend, but the family has read a lot and has done a lot of research about this surgery over the last week and they truly believe that this is the only option at this time in Hali’s life for her to get better. Like any surgery, there are major risks, but at this point Hali is at a greater risk for something to happen to her having a seizure rather than having this surgery. Her next appointment is scheduled for January 17th and this is for a four day EEG in which she will be admitted into OHSU so they can monitor her seizure activity 24/7 and to meet with a few other specialists. After this, all of the specialists and her two neurologists from Dornbecher’s will meet with the Neurosurgeon who will do the surgery and lay it all out on the table to make sure everyone agrees that this in fact is the best option for this beautiful young lady, Hali.
If everything goes like planned, she might be having this surgery as early as the first part of February, 2012 at OHSU in Portland. The recovery and rehabilitation time that will be in Portland for is estimated at two months or longer. She will stay at OHSU for the first two weeks approximately and then they will transfer her to Emanuel hospital next door for the extensive rehab and therapy part of her recovery.

The family has good health insurance but will have a huge catastrophic deductible to meet and co-pays. Treatment in Portland is going to be great, but it's an expensive city to live in for the 2-3 months of treatment. Rent, transportation, food etc. quickly add up and insurance doesn't cover this substantial burden.

Please help this amazing family in any way you can. Any donation will help and will be delivered to Hali's family directly from this website.

You can also send donations directly to the family, c/o Hali's Health Fund to:

Don and Jennifer Glenn
2650 County Road 101
Tulelake, CA 96134
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