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I don’t want to ask for help, but we can’t do this on our own. Everything helps, nothing is too small.

I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor located at the base of my brain in my pituitary gland, caused by a disease called Cushing's—I suffer from an even rarer form called Cyclical Cushing's. The tumor periodically without warning turns on and off. Being "Cyclical" has made my diagnosis of Cushings an extremely long battle of over 13 years!

(The weight gain began as early as 12 where I gained nearly 70lbs in less then a year. The painful symptoms of Cushings started when I was 14, I'll be 27 on December 3rd,2012.)

When the tumor is “on” it causes my body to secrete to much cortisol and causes other hormone imbalances. I wish by telling you I had “cyclical Cushings” that meant my symptoms would turn on and off but they don’t. Some people can have pituitary tumors and not have Cushings--my tumor, is what caused my Cushings Disease.   

  The best option for me is to have surgery done by a high volume center—meaning, they do at least 50 pituitary tumor surgeries a year. I'm searching for that *perfect* surgeon now. (READ UPDATE TO THE LEFT! SURGERY SCHEDULED: DECEMBER 11th!)

  Fighting Cushings Disease and all of its symptoms means I can’t contribute financially and we are always living paycheck to paycheck because we are living off of one income. Matt works very hard as a carpenter and has experienced some “seasonal” layoffs which means we always seems to be playing catch up! Its hard living paycheck to paycheck. Insurance will not cover travel expenses or loss of income while Matts with me and anytime he may need off to help me during the beginning stages of recovery.

It’s truly humbling to have to reach out to those around us. I don’t want to ask for help, but we can’t do this on our own.   Nothing is too small. Everything helps.  

Please pray for us as we continue to battle thru this. 

What does “success” ultimately mean to me?

Success is STARTING recovery. It means getting thru surgery and to recovery without MAJOR complications, cortiosl is a "stress hormone" so anyway I can minimize even normal day stresses will mean I can heal faster. Success to me is being able to function like a normal human being. To be a physically and emotionally healthy mom to my kids. Success means building a future together alongside my husband.

After allowing time for myself to recover and heal from Cushings Disease, success is being able to live out my goals, passions and dreams. I dream of running again, playing sports with my kids and owning our first home. I hope to be able to help others get thru fighting life’s up and downs by bringing them hope, when they feel they have none.        

  From the bottom of our hearts, Meagan&Family

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