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Magdas family is organizing a fundraiser to help with her battle against brain tumor cancer. Please show your support. God bless you all.

On October 19 2012 I came home from work at 8:30 am and walked into one of the most terrifying sights of my life. My wife Magdalena (39y) was home alone with our two babies Alexander (3y9m) and Angelika (16m). As I walked into the house the smell of someone who lost control of their bodily functions was apparent and the reality that something was seriously wrong had already set in. I walked into the bedroom and saw my wife laying on the bed with no clothes on, covered in her own vomit and feces as she was having seizures for about four hours all alone with two scared babies who are too little to know what to do in an emergency. She was covered in deep bruises from head to feet as she was falling down to the floor and hitting herself against the walls just trying to regain herself but the seizures were not going away. Being strong as she is, she was just holding on until i came home for help because she was more worried about the babies than herself. Needless to say the babies were terrified, they were hidding under the covers on the couch when i found them, being scared of their mommy. I couldnt understand what she was trying to say when i first asked her what had happened because she was paralized from her waist up to her head on the right side of her body. Her speech was completely gone and she couldnt move her arm or her head. At that moment i realized that it was more serious than i thought. An hour later in the hospital she was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor that was pushing her brain completely to one side of her head. The surgeon told us it was one of the largest tumors he would be removing in all his years. Four days later she had successful surgery to remove the tumor and was later diagnosed with Oligoastrocytoma stage 2 to 3 cancer. She has gone through multiple seizures and other medical issues after the surgery. Increased medication can minimize them but the thought that it can happen at any given time is very scary. Being new to this we have only a minimal understanding of whats to come next. We have had help and support of many of our freinds and my sister and brother in law who are the only immediate family we both have here in the U.S. It has been extremly tough to go through this because we have no medical insurance and emergency medicaid has denied us. With no finances, mommy with cancer, two babies at home and the fact that we have to move from our apartment by the end of this month is a burden we wish on no one. This is by far the most stressful time of our lives but we will remain strong and jump over this hurdle for our family. We dearly appreciate any help at this time of need. May god bless all of you with health and happiness. We wish you all the best in this holiday season. Magdalena, Sarandis, Alexander & Angelika.

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