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Donations will be used to pay medical bills for Jamie,any funds left will be for others without proper insurance & Alcohol Awareness!

Hello Everyone,
My name is Joseph Gray and I am creating this website in support of my loving wife, Jamie Gray.

My wife was an a horrific accident in the early hours of May 29th, 2012 in Dearborn County Indiana leaving the Hollywood Casino.

Your probably thinking, What Happened?
Well...Here is the truth.....
Jamie and I was enjoying the day with family and friends playing cornhole and "drinking" alcohol, later that day, I wanted to go to the casino boat and asked Jamie's grandmother (whom loves playing penny slots at the casino) if she would be our designated driver in trade of a free night out; of course, she agreed so we had a few more drinks(and shots of tequila).
Upon arriving a the casino, we departed from her grandmother and went to the 70-80's dance club "Boogy Nights" located at the Hollywood casino, where of course we drank more alcohol. "I remember telling a Police Officer near the bathroom, Be Safe Tonight...not knowing he would be one of the first police officers on the scene with me as my wife was fighting for her life"
Later on that night of "continuous drinking", Jamie's grandmother found us eating (which I am not proud to say, I don't even remember.) and was ready to leave the casino and go home. On our way out of the casino, I remember vaguely a group of about three guys messing with another couple(some guy and his girl) so finally I turned around and told them to shut the **** up and leave them alone. I can't remember much after that, other than Jamie was a little upset(FROM OVER DRINKING) thinking I should not have been in those peoples business; and she was probably right. Jamie's grandmother later told me that we were all in the elevator together and no one said a word to each other, wow a total black out.
Now we are in the vehicle traveling 65 MPH on Interstate 275E near Ohio,where neither Jamie or I remember anything. Her grandmother told us later of that we started arguing about getting in those people business(something we both admit was over nothing), Pat, (Jamie's Grandmother) said that Jamie told her to stop the car(which is an SUV),"Let me Out!", Pat who was driving turned around to Jamie(who was in the back passenger side seat I was in the front, and yelled, "SHE'S GONE"!
Of course I did not comprehend what she meant until she pulled over about 100-300 Feet away and I got out of the vehicle, Still Highly Intoxicated, I remember EVERY THING from this point forward! (What horrible, memories that no one should ever have to see)
There was a group of people that was already pulled over, where I seen my wife motionless on the side of the Highway I went to grab her and a guy(who happen to be a combat marine) from the crowd yelled, "Don't move her", I looked down at here and dropped to my knees, I seen the blood coming from her ears and nose and started hysterically crying and screaming out, "Is she breathing.... I don't think she is breathing.... and then a person said they didn't think she was breathing either, I raised my hands to god and I began to speak in other tungs, and then, my wife raised her leg back( to me that was god letting me know that she is alive)
The ambulance and then the helicopter arrived,after they worked on Jamie in the back of the ambulance (which seemed like forever), the medical team placed her in the helicopter and rushed her to emergency surgery at UC Hospital for dramatic Brain Surgery.
Jamie suffered a hemotoma– a very life-threatening situation. The right side of the skull had to be removed for treatment focusing on stopping the bleeding, removing the blood clot (hematoma), and relieving the pressure on the brain.
When I arrived to the hospital Jamie was in a coma and already in surgery, it seemed like days (which was actually only hours) until we heard that the surgeon would be in to talk to us; no body knew what that meant. The surgeon finally came in to the conference room with all of the family members and told us that Jamie has survived through surgery but the next 48 hours would be critical; they was not sure if she would even make it.
Thanks to all the prayer nation wide, from Cincinnati to Washington to South West Florida to the sands of Afghanistan ( and Jamie being such a sweet person, doing anything, for anybody, even if it meant she would go with out, GOD saved Jamie's life! The great Lord has other plans for her and you should know this fund raiser may be the start of great thing to come.
Many people such as myself, hard working, law abiding citizens, who pay for insurance, are actually under-insured, paying Over $500.00 per month for Health insurance and still having Tens or even Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in Medical Bills to account for.
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