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Please help me raise enough money to afford an xray and surgury for a young disabled cat I found.

I found a cat two days ago while walking. I thought he looked like a tripod so I called him over and noticed he had all four legs, but his Left front leg looks as if it was fractured and then healed in the set position. His leg is twisted, stiff and curled underneath him. I took him in to see if I could help him. I have 5 cats of my own. The first cat I got is a white cat and she was being given away for free so I took her because I didn't want her to be taken to a house that would keep her outside since white cats are susceptible to skin cancer. I then bought another cat from petsmart who is black and white, and it was one my daughter wanted for her birthday. His story is that he was found in a trailer park and was mauled by a dog. His ear was chewed so he has a tip missing. He also had stomach scars. Then I got a knock on my door from one of my neighbors who was going to lose his home to foreclosure so he told me he was going to be moving back to russia and could not take his two cats with him. He knew we already had two cats so he trusted we would take care of them and we do. Then a few months ago, we got an orange stray cat come to our door with no i.d. he was dirty and has shrubs stuck in his fluffy hair and seemed skinny. We soon took him in as well.

I am able to take care of my cats but thank god none of them have ever had an injury. That is why I am at a cross roads with this new cat I found. I really want to get him the help he needs. I took him to a vet to see if he had a microchip so maybe we could find an owner but he does not. He is fixed though and is REALLY domesticated. He is soooo sweet and cuddly. He even drools when you keep petting him. He loves it. Basically I was told to get an xray for his arm would cost me $180 and surgury would range between $600 to $900. That's a starting price. Then we would need to determine how to fix his arm. I think he still might have some feeling left though he is not able to move it because I see minor twitching in his paw but his claws are always extended and cant receed. I can't afford to pay for medical care right now. My family just moved and we have no savings left for now. All I am asking is to raise the cost for an xray. I REFUSE to take him to a shelter because the shelters near me, I was confirmed by various reputable people that because of his arm, he will be put to sleep. He needs a chance. He appears to be a young cat. I also would not feel right giving him to someone who will then take him to a vet that will just amputate his arm because it is cost effective and easy. I would rather personally take him to a vet and get his arm checked out and fight to keep his arm and hopefully just have it re-set to a normal position.
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