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Fundraiser for Anuradha Mitra's continuing medical treatment and for her family to be by her side during this unimaginable time.

On the evening of November 21st 2011, our beloved Anu was hit by a car as she was walking to the bus stop after work. Anu suffered from severe brain trauma, a broken femur, pelvis and orbital socket. Anu was rushed to the hospital and immediately underwent a craniectomy to reduce the dangerous swelling in her brain. She was not expected to make it through the night because the extent of her brain injury was so severe, but she did.

Over the next few days her prognosis was so poor the doctors didn't expect her to make it through that first week, but she did. Over the next few weeks the doctors didn't expect Anu to show any brain activity, but she did. The doctors said that Anu would never wake up, but she did. On New Year's Eve, I watched as the nurse asked Anu to show us her thumb, and she did. The nurse asked Anu to squeeze her hand, and she did. From day one, Anu has proven doctors and medical science wrong, and continues to do so each and every day.

Though I have no doubt in my mind that Anu will be that bubbly, happy, smiley, full-of-life girl again we all love so dearly, her road to recovery is going to be a long one. Anu is fighting for her life every day, and both her and her family need our help for Anu to continue to get the medical care she needs, and allow the family to be by her side every step of the way. Please help support Anu and her family to get our beloved Anu back.

Being from Calcutta, India, it took almost 2 weeks for both her parents who had never been to the United States before to get their Visas and be able to come to their daughters side. Fortunately Anu's sister who had just begun her PhD in Atlanta was closer by and was able to catch the first plane in that next morning, and hasn't left her side since. Even Anu's good friend who has only been in the United States a few months to start his PhD in Utah has flown in and stayed by her side since to support Anu and her family. Anu was attending Fresno State as a Masters student and was in San Diego on a summer internship. She enjoyed San Diego and the company she was working for so much she decided to stay longer and complete her Master's project here at our work.

I first met Anu in May when she started as an intern in the research and development department. I started out as her Mentor in the lab, but in no time at all our professional relationship turned into a friendship, and Anu became my closest friend. Often times after work we would go to her favorite pizza place near her apartment for pizza and her newly discovered taste for apple cider. We would often hang out with our other friend from work, Kandee, and were referred to as "The Three Amigos". The last time the 3 of us were together was for my birthday in November when Anu and Kandee took me out to a wonderful brunch and fun-filled time watching Harold and Kumar in 3D. We had plans to take Anu iceskating for her Birthday on Coronado Island where they have an outdoor iceskating rink with an ocean view. Instead it was spent decorating her hospital room and reading her all her friends Facebook posts for her birthday. She has now spent Thanksgiving, her 26th birthday, Christmas, and New Years in the hospital. Let's make sure she doesn't have to spend any more holidays in that room. We love you Anu. We know you are going to get through this, and none of us are going anywhere until you do. Can't wait to see that beautiful smile of yours again.
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