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My father was diagnosed with stage lung cancer that has metastasized to his brain.

He had a severe seizure while he was at work as a truck driver, inside his truck. Thankfully he was on the phone with his boss, Mike, when he had the seizure. Mike heard my father scream out and Mike called 911. My father bit his tongue so hard that when the paramedics arrived, they said if Mike hadn't called 911 when he did, my father would have drown in his own blood. When my father, Terry, was taken to the hospital, they found 4 tumors in his brain. Only 2 were operable. The other two are too deep into the brain. He had the surgery to remove the two tumors on the surface of his brain. All went well but because my father is stage 4 and there is so much cancer, he has chosen not to go through with any chemo or radiation. The surgery he had done cost a great deal of money and because the moment he had that seizure on the phone with his boss, was the moment he was no longer able to work or drive truck. I am setting this up to raise money to help pay for the hospital bill for his brain surgery.
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