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Help Save Siberian Husky Pup Luna from being put down! We rescued her after a car accident, but can't afford the surgery she needs to live.

Last Saturday afternoon Hector was visiting with his parents when he heard a loud commotion out front. He went outside to investigate and discovered that one of his neighbors had just run over another neighbor’s Siberian Husky pup, Luna. (That’s what we have renamed her, because her eyes are the color of the full moon).

As the poor puppy lay whimpering and bleeding in the street, the teenage owner who witnessed the accident ran into the house bawling. Eventually the father came out and just stood there staring at the injured animal, unsure of what to do with it.

Hector and his mom quickly intervened and told the man to take the poor animal inside, as she was still laying in the street. He picked her up and instead of taking her inside, took her to the backyard and laid her down without any further care. No water, no food, just left her there to die.

After witnessing the clueless and irresponsible actions of the owners and seeing that they were not going to take any further action to help her, Hector went to them and simply asked to take ownership of the animal, come what may. Whether she would need to be put down, or it was a treatable injury, it was clear that Luna didn’t stand a chance in her current care.

To make a long story short, Hector picked Luna up and drove her to the Animal Emergency Clinic. He ended up spending over $300 just for a visit to the veterinarian, a few x-rays and a temporary bandage for her injured leg.

The good news: Since she is so young (just about 4 months old), she’s likely to make a full and complete recovery, with the right treatment.

The bad news: the “right treatment” means orthopedic surgery on her knee, which was broken in the accident.
Estimated cost : a whopping $1500!

Obviously, we don’t have that kind of money for our healthcare, let alone for a strange dog that suddenly fell into our care.

Of course, there are other options…

The Inhumane Option: Do nothing and let her live the rest of her life with a limp and chronic knee pain. It wouldn’t be much of a life for an animal that lives to run and jump and play and dig, which is why it’s not likely that we take this option…

The Cheaper, More Likely Option: Take her back to the vet and have her euthanized for $100 bucks. The most humane option as well, but also the most difficult to make, especially after just two seconds of staring into those baby blue eyes…

THE BEST OPTION: Donate a few dollars to help little Luna get the surgery she needs and save her from being put down.

By the way, we can delay the surgery by about a week without causing more damage, but we’re going to have to make a decision soon about whether or not we can go through with the surgery.

Right now, Luna is resting in the shade in the front yard, enjoying the cool breeze and the strong hands scratching behind her ears. She has no idea that her final fate comes down to a matter of a few hundred dollars .

So if you are still reading this and feel moved to help, please give just a little bit to our relatively insignificant cause and feel good knowing that you helped a little puppy in need. If she knew what you were up to, I’m sure she’d send some slobbery kisses your way.

Thanks in advance,

Hector, Katie, the Garcia and Caparelli families and our newest family member, Luna
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