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I'm a differently-abled cocker spaniel that has some really high vet bills and still needs another operation!! Please, PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi! My name is Elliot, I'm almost 9 years old. My mommy says that I'm differently-abled. I was born without what she tells me things that are called eyeballs. I was born in St, Joseph, MO in what my mommy calls a puppy mill. The story though went that some breeders bred me and saw I didn't have eyes so they were going to have me put to sleep for a really long time. The vet I was taken to knew my mommy from when she lived in St Joe and knew she was just the right person to call. Mommy said after the call she hauled a#% to come get me!
I have had a wonderful life, full of all sorts of love, caring & fun. People tell mommy that they don't even know I am differently-abled because I run, jump, go for walks, can pick out any of my many toys by their names, show anybody where the vaccum, my toy box or my bed is without any help.
The place where my eyes are supposed to be recently started getting really infected and my vet, Dr Heiser said that I needed an operation to pull my eyelids and eyebrows so they would stop trying to grow into the membrane that covers where my eyes are supposed to be.
BUT, my mommy is also disabled and recently had to quit working forever! She barely gets enough money to pay rent, pay some on the utilities, and buy us all our food. My eyes finally got so infected I had to have the operation and now we owe over $1,100.00. About a month ago I felt really bad and when I tried to poop instead I pooped blood! We rushed to my vet and that was another nearly $200,00! The vet told us that they couldn't see me anymore until mommy pays off our debt.
My eyes need another operation again because the same thing is happening AGAIN!!!
We need some very nice, caring person or people to help us, PLEASE! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP FOR A REALLY LONG TIME! I would really, really miss my mommy!
All monies will go directly to my vet and any amount that goes over the amount needed to pay the past bill, get caught up on shots and then pay for my next needed operation will go to the animal shetler a few miles away from my house. PLEASE. PLEASE HELP ME!
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