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The family of Ethan Perkins are uniting to raise money to help with his family's medical expenses to ensure the best recovery possible.

Ethan was born on July 6, 2011. He was born with malrotation, which caused his small intestine to twist on itself 3 times. He was born at 5:30 pm at St.Agnes hosptial, and by 8:30 pm, he was at University Maryland Medical Center receiving an emergency surgery. We were told he would not make it out of the surgery alive. He survived against all odds, but he had to have 93% of his small intestine removed.
Two days later he had another surgery to see if what was left of his small intestine was in working condition. He had to have even more of his small intestine removed, resulting in 95% of his upper intestine to be removed. We were told he would not make it through the week.
Two days later we were told we were "in for the long haul." Ethan was supposed to be in the hospital for the first 3-6 months of his life, and came home at 7weeks, proving what a strong, determined boy he is.
The resulting condition of having so much upper intestine removed is called Short Bowel Syndrome, where the person is completely TPN dependent. TPN provides nutritional support like vitamins, fats, sugars and hydration through an IV, which, although it sounds great, has its downfalls. Children on TPN do not gain any nutrients from oral feeds. TPN gives these children a chance at a longer life than they originally would not have received. However, prolonged use of TPN leads to liver damage, resulting in the need for a liver transplant.

Ethan is 10 months old, and has had 9 surgies, and countless trips to the hospital. And still he manages to be the happiest little boy I have ever met.

Ethan is a very happy, strong, and loving 10 month old boy. He has beat all the odds, and is called "our little superman." He is currently listed for a small bowel transplant, which is a new procedure, and not very common. He is an inspiration to his family, and is truly a miracle baby. He was not supposed to make it through his first night, and he did. He was not supposed to make it through his first week, and he did. He came home 4months earlier than originally expected. This transplant will prevent Ethan from going into TPN induced liver failure, and hopefully, save his life.
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