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This fundraiser is for my brother, Chris Caldwell.

For my entire life my brother was diabetic. I have memories of insulin reactions from the beginning of my memories. He is 9 years older than me, so he was a teenager when my best memories were formed. He would sometimes get upset and throw food back at my mother, but he always took it from me. Even in that state, he wasn't cruel to me. He actually was probably nicer to me then than the "big brother" when he was well. Haha. So much has happened and i'm not sure of dates as we have become adults I haven't stayed as on top of things as I should. I will get better exact information and update this later. But this is what I do already know, with or without exact dates and times.
Around 2004 my brother started having kidney failure and started dialysis. He had a kidney and pancreas transplant after years of waiting. Which I know is normal. Everything seemed to be doing well as far as his health was going.
Then the beginning of 2014 it happened, everything fell apart. His pancreas went septic and the infection ended up everywhere. By the time he arrived at the transplant hospital two state's away, he was almost dead. The surgeon was very up front with us about that. He was on a ventilator for a while and then remained on a feeding tube once he could breath on his own. He lost the pancreas and now is on a insulin pump. The kidney they did manage to save. In the end with that stay; the stents, the tubes, the surgery's, the months..... They were over 100,000$ in debt. Medicare doesn't pay that kind of money, even if they did cover that. I'm not sure the exact amount he is behind now but I know it is up there higher. He and his wife are currently having to stay with a family member because the medical bills have them so far behind. So in essence, they're homeless.
Today he arrived back at the transplant hospital because he stayed in a local hospital for the past week and a half after a diagnosis of Diabetic ketoacidosis and gallbladder attack. They dealt with the DKA and sent him to the transplant hospital for the gallbladder removal since they know his history and have done surgery on him so much. However, they are trying to just give him antibiotics and work on the infection to fight the surgery as any surgery at this point could be his last.
He recently went to nursing school. He wants desperately to do something. His body is fighting him every step of the way. He is a great guy, a great son, an awesome brother, and a loving father. All of this stress only shortens his life and time with us. Even those who can't help, please offer your prayers. Every little thing helps!

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