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Jordan needs your help and support to raise money for his diagnoses of HLHS. Miracles happen everyday...Let's pray he's next in line.

At 19 weeks pre-natal, the exact day we found out the sex of our unborn child, we learned that there was a very severe problem with our baby's heart. The baby was a boy and diagnosed with a rare heart condition known as Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome where the left side of his heart is severely underdeveloped. We tried not to let the news break us down, but it was always on our mind.

Months later, Jordan Christopher Perry was born on September 12, 2011 at 10:30am. He was 5lbs 7.5oz. and 18 inches long. The most beautiful baby I ever saw...But that's when everything just turned upside down and I was definantly not ready for the ride.,, I only had 5 minutes with him in my room before the rushed him to Lebonheur;s Children's Hospital. There he was diagnosed with two more health conditions, another heart condition known as Total Veins. This is where the main blood vessels of the heart were attached to a different area of the body. In his case it was his liver, and with this condition, it makes him unable to qualify for a heart transplant. The second condition is known as Esophageal Atresia, where his esophagus was not fully attached to where food can be properly digested and his trach was not properly formed. Because of this condition, Jordan has a G-Tube to receive his feedings.

Despite all of his special needs, Jordan got a chance to come home for a little while (3 days) and then returned due to respiratory distress. A couple of weeks later, he received a trach which help relieved his distress for a little while. Then Jordan was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. It was so severe that his right lung completely collapsed and doctors were on their last limb to doing all they could do. We are happy to say that he has bounced back very well but he has only taken a half step on the procedures he needs to survive. Jordan has only had the first surgery of his three step heart procedures. His total veins procedure was completed a week after he was born, but again he will never be able to have a transplant if all else fails with his heart issues. He has also had his trach repaired and his esophagus attached. but the esophagus continues to narrow and will have to be dilated continuously until the body grows and gets use to being open. A long with all of his major procedure, Jordan has had caths, ample medications, and long hospital stays.

Jordan needs your assistance to help continue to fight and to help with financial assistance of his medical bills. If you have any questions please send your questions to

Your prayers and contributions are greatly appreciated...Thank you from the bottom of our special hearts!!!!

Jordan and Family
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