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Friends of Maude Hutchinson are uniting to raise funds to help her as she battles diabetic related deteriorations.

For those of you who do not know my friend, Maude Hutchinson, she is a loving, welcoming person with a generous spirit who is very interested in people and is easily recognized by her warm smile and sparkling eyes. She is truly an Adventurer in Life and takes great joy in helping people uncover pathways and joys to living an authentic self-expressed life.

Since her youth, she has followed her family's example of volunteering and has been active in many organizations where she feels privileged to have been involved in various leadership positions. At this time, even though health challenges have curtailed most of her physical activities, she makes new friends as she drives people who arrive by bus, train or plane to get to their destination at the Vipassana Meditation Center, an hour away from her home in Texas.

Her health challenges started with not being diagnosed with diabetes for many years and was compounded by years of ineffective treatment. She is now on an insulin program; however, as the dosages keep going up, so too, does her weight; both of which, now seen as possible threats for diabetic complications , involve more prescribed drugs, some with reactions, and weight gain.

In addition, she has inflammation throughout her body and has developed lymphedema and severe knee and leg issues. She is now at the point where she has great difficulty getting up and down from a chair or climbing stairs. The pain is constant, she is not able to walk very much, and is quite distressed that she may never walk freely again. She is currently seeing a surgeon and gastro-intestinal doctor for a hiatal hernia repair, and is encouraged that the doctors plan to use a procedure that is highly effective with long lasting results.

Throughout the years, treatment procedures and pharmaceutical drugs (to which she has had reactions) have not been successful and as a result, not only are her physical issues getting worse, she finds that she is tired most of the time and does not engage in activities she enjoys nor fully engage in her business. (While we frequently talk on the phone, she has not been to my home for over a year.)

Maude was raised in the Ayurvedic* lifestyle and over time she came to realize that not only was western medicine not helping her, but the pharmaceutical drugs she was prescribed were actually making her condition worse.

Ayurveda, an ancient East Indian healing art, is now being scientifically proven to be highly effective in healing and maintaining health. Research has led Maude to realize that through Ayurveda, most of her health problems could possibly be substantially relieved and could also result in reducing her insulin usage so that she can regain her quality of life. To this end, she has consulted a doctor and has been accepted for treatment during the month of February, at his Ayurvedic clinic in the state of Kerala, India

Since Maude has spent most of her savings seeing doctors, she now finds herself in need of funds for her trip, her room, board and treatments at the Ayurvedic clinic, as well as pay off her diabetic related dental, vision, overdue medical bills and insurance premiums.

I truly appreciate your help in gifting my friend, Maude Hutchinson, to move forward with her life so that she can then again help other people achieve their goals for their lives. Maude has always practiced giving forward and is very excited to know that the principle of 'what goes around, comes around' is now rewarding her.

I appreciate your donations of whatever amount you give and know that Maude is deeply appreciative of your generous financial gift and support.

Maude is deeply committed to regaining her health and with the necessary financial support the stress is less, and she is able to focus her energy completely on fully achieving her goal.

With great gratitude and appreciation, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Thank you!

Most sincerely,

Scilla Williams

• For more on the Ayurvedic treatments, just google it.
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