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The family and friends of Tiffany are uniting to raise money to help save Selene. Time is of the essence and your support is appreciated!

A message from one of Tiffany’s friends:
My name is Erin, and I have had the pleasure of knowing Tiffany for a few years now. When Tiffany and I met for the first time, we hit it off right away- it was like we had been friends forever. While we don’t get to see each other very often because of where we live, we stay in touch on Facebook and try to get together every so often. Besides our bond we have developed as friends- we have also bonded over another similarity- our unquestionable, without ending love for our fur babies. On Christmas Day 2010, I nearly lost both of my dogs from an accidental poisoning. I remember what it was like to sit in the veterinary hospital and be told that both were going to die, and not even be offered treatment. It was without a doubt, the lowest point I have ever gone through. Things were pretty rocky for a couple of weeks, but I’m blessed to be able to say, both of my pups pulled through. There are two things that stick out in my mind in regards to the support we received from family and friends during that time. The first is how important it is to hear from your family and friends that they are thinking about you and your beloved pet. The second- was when my husband and I were wondering how in the world we were ever going to cover the costs of the hospitalizations and treatment- we were blessed to have people in our lives step forward and offer to assist with the cost of their care. Words cannot describe the weight it took off our shoulders to know that help was there if we needed it.

Like many of you, I absolutely adore Tiffany and the wonderful person she is. Given my history with my own fur babies, I have let Tiffany know that I want to do anything and everything I can to help Selene. And as hard as it is for Tiffany to ask this of anyone- what she really needs right now is positive thoughts and financial support. Veterinary estimates are currently between $2,000-$4,000 for further testing- and this is just to get a diagnosis. I have encouraged Tiffany to set up this page so that those of us who love and support her and Selene- can do all we can do to help her. Please join me in helping to get Selene the care she needs!

Tiffany’s Story:
On a hot July day in 2006 one of my best friends came over to help me plant a tree in my front yard. After a few hours at my house he asked if I wanted to take a trip to Phoenix, where he was looking to get a pit bull. I thought he was nuts. Why would anyone want a pit bull? According to popular media all these dogs do is kill and maim. But over the course of several visits to these pit bulls in Phoenix, I happened upon the most beautiful soul- a rambunctious, adorable pit bull puppy that would eventually come home with me and change my life forever. How was I to know that something as simple as having a friend over to plant a tree would ultimately lead to my heart being stolen by Selene?

My life has not been the same since. Once someone gets into your heart they hold a permanent place there. Anyone that has met Selene knows that. She has this special way about her- the ability to open minds and soften hearts. She is a true ambassador for her breed. Even strangers can sense there is something so incredibly special about her. Selene has been by my side through the roughest times in my life, and even now with everything she is going through, she is concerned about me.

Three weeks ago Selene began having strange symptoms, such as shaking her head to one side and backing up. She began to cry out in pain, which is very concerning to me as I know from a prior meniscus injury that she has a very high pain tolerance. I took her to our regular vet and despite several hundred dollars spent on examination and diagnostics- no explanation could be given as to what was wrong. I was told to perform reflex tests on her periodically and that if she showed signs of ataxia (poor coordination- think walking after too many drinks)- I should call the neurologist immediately. I hoped with every fiber in my body that resting would be all she would need to get past whatever had suddenly turned both of our worlds upside down.

Last Friday Selene failed the reflex test. She was seen by the only veterinary neurologist in town on Tuesday. On the way to the appointment I felt true helplessness and despair for the first time in my life, as she had a grand mal seizure in the back seat of the car as I was driving down the highway. I thought she was going to die right then and there. We made it to the vet and he recommended several diagnostic tests.

At this point in time I have emptied out my savings and am now dipping into my health savings account. After receiving the quote for the recommended MRI and CT scan, my heart sank. The cost of these tests is far more than I have left in my account- and more than I will be able to come up with on my own. I have applied for veterinary care credit- but ironically enough have been denied because of my student loan debt. I decided to pay for more blood work and hope that would be enough to provide answers so that Selene would not have to suffer further.

On Sunday morning, at 6:40am, Selene had another grand mal seizure. This one lasted longer than the first and took her longer to recover. At midnight I was awakened by the sound of her struggling to breathe and convulsing- she was having her third grand mal seizure in a week. This time it lasted close to two minutes and it took her nearly an hour to recover after. My heart continues to break more and more. My biggest concern is that she seems to be getting worse and without knowing what is causing her symptoms, the time to help her may be running out. I cannot afford to take Selene to the vet, and they will not take payments. This is truly the most helpless and heartbreaking feeling in the world.

We are currently awaiting results from the last blood work that was taken. This blood work is looking for any types of viruses or infections that may be causing neurological damage. In the meantime, Selene is now on Keppra in hopes of controlling her seizures.

The vet has recommended an MRI be done, and if that is not conclusive that a spinal tap and CT scan be performed as well- since Selene needs to be sedated for all of these procedures. The following is a breakdown of the estimate I was given by the vet. I am required to pay 60% of the high estimate prior to any of the testing being completed, and they will not accept any sort of payment plan.

Radiograph (3 views): $237
IV cath, fluids: $163
Anesthesia/pharmaceuticals: $312
MRI Brain: $1100
Contrast Magnevisit: $100
CSF Tap: $163
Cytology, CSF analysis: $214
Myelogram Lumbar: $796
CT scan, additional: $478
Nursing care, hospital fees: $234
VSCT 6+: $64

Low End $ 2,156 High End $ 3,861
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