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Help David raise money to fix his smile!

I'll warn you, this story isn't really a pretty one.  I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, and have been fighting with it most of my life.  One thing that is very common in all clinically depressed people is self-neglect.  Most of the problems I have I can fix on my own: I can lose weight by eating better and exercising regulary, I can stop smoking, I can go to therapy and take anti-depressants as needed, and I can have a positive outlook on life.

One thing I can't fix is my teeth.  Life dealt me a crap hand... a combination of bad dental genetics and years of neglect.  I am so self-concious about my smile that I cover my mouth whenever I feel a grin or a laugh coming on.  I'm constantly in pain.  My teeth are breaking and rotting.  I'm well past the point where brushing and flossing regularly is even going to make a difference.  I'm too ashamed to ask my friends and family for help, and other life circumstances have made it difficult for me to get health insurance.

I spend most of my time supporting my fiance (see, helping her through her trials.  Now, I need to spend a little time working on me... and one thing that I know everyone wants for me is to have a big, confident smile on my face.

The other concern, the really, really BIG concern, is the fact that poor dental condition can easily lead to heart disease if left untreated.  My teeth can kill me, people, a lot faster than you think.  Upper gum infections can also spread through the sinuses into the brain.  I could lose a tooth while I'm sleeping and choke on it, or end up with a tear in my digestive tract.  So this isn't just about getting a good-looking smile, this is also about keeping me healthy and alive.

This fundraiser is to pay the estimated $10,000 in dental bills that I will be wracking up.  I already know that I'm looking at a couple extractions, root canals, a LOT of cosmetic work and fillings, and probably some implants.  After that, maybe braces (invisalign if there's enough $$$ left over), whitening treatments, and other confidence-builders.

It's no coincidence that this fundraiser ends on July 17th.  That is my 26th birthday, and this is my birthday present to myself.  Please help me out!

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