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Money raised will go to medical exspenses to help me repair my broken body. Your support will be the most appreciated gift! I love you all!

I would first like to thank you in advance for taking the time to show interest in helping me. My name is Iona, I am 46 years old and for 20 years I have been a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of a man that I loved more than anything. I just could never find the strength to leave no matter what he did to me. I have suffered many injuries that have required Dr's, Hospitals, and Psychiatric care. I am now trying to pull my life together for myself and my still dependent children. I am working on the inside but desperately need to fix the outside so I can put this behind me and try to regain some type dignity and self esteem. I have had my nose broken three times and it is very deformed, I was kicked in the face with work boots and now have one cheek that has some type of scar tissue under it and it is larger than the other cheek. I have had my teeth chipped and broken. I was hit in the forhead with brick and had to have surgery to repair my frontal bone and from the incision across the top of my head ear to ear, left me with large bald patches across the area. From this injury I have calcified bone that continues to grow on my forehead which is painful to the touch as well as not very attractive. I have problems with my back from a punch I received in my lower back while I was laying flat on the bed. I had torn cartiledge in my rib cage from a bear hug from behind. I have numerous scars from cuts. Too much to continue listing.I'm not one to whine and ask for help. I have kept this a secret for the most part for many years but I just want to feel normal again and try to enjoy the life I have left. When I look at myself I feel horrible and desperately want to try and repair my broken body. Again, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to hear me. Best wishes to you Always
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