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Since I cannot make my mothers cancer go away, I am doing what I can do to help her fight! All donations will go to Wanda's treatment.Thk u

Hi. I am new to this forum. My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in march 2012. It came as a total shock and instantly turned our world upside down. My mother is a lively, energetic 64 yr old who is also an 11yr stage 2 breast cancer survivor. My mom complained of pain in her abdomen when she ate solid foods. When she notified her doctor, she was given prilosec in an attempt that it would help. When my mom returned to her doctor with no relief, she began a series of tests. After nothing showed up on tests, my mom told her doctor that she didn’t want to waste time and money performing more “routine” tests and asked that they go ahead and take a look into her stomach. She went into the hospital for this test on a Tuesday.. By Thursday the same week, the results came in.. A tumor was found in her duodenum and biopsy came back positive for cancer. The surgeon scheduled her to have the “whipple” procedure to be done that Monday. LWe literally had 3 days to educate ourselves on what was happening and had to make this decision fast. Mom opted for the surgery and had a 7 hour operation that Monday. The surgery was a success and she was one of the lucky few who was able to have her tumor removed. However, we would later find out that the cancer had indeed spread to her lymph nodes. My mom spent 7 days in the hospital recovering. She had 3 drainage tubes and a feeding tube attached to her and would have these for about 2 weeks after she was released from the hospital. The first couple weeks were rough on her.. She lost close to 35lbs and could not hold down neither food nor water. She had close to no energy and was sleeping most of the day. I would change her bandages for her 2x a day. . She began taking nausea meds that worked about half the time, but she still had no appetite. After massive weight loss and dehydration, my father took her back to the emergency room. She was sent home with a stronger nausea med and given a med that would increase her appetite. This new combo has been working fantastically and she is now eating a normal diet without getting sick and is regaining some of her lost weight. She is awake all day and has resumed her walks and is gaining strength daily. It has been 4 weeks post surgery and she has met with an oncologist and is scheduled to begin chemo in May. My mom is a tough lady and I know that if anyone can get through this it would be her. I spend everyday with my mom and am praying that this cancer hasn’t spread.. We won’t know until she begins chemo. I know this cancer does not have a good prognosis and she has been staged at 3 due to lymph node involvement. Would love to hear from others that have been through this and who can share some positive experiences. I will be documenting my moms progress through this illness.

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My mother worked all her life to support us. She is unable to work due to ongoing treatment. Currently, her insurance is very limiting on tests and procedures. She does not yet qualify for Medicare nor government assistance. Insurance premiums are out the roof! Any donation would help cover her insurance deductible and help lift some of the burden from her so that we can focus on her fight!

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