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My mother's fight against metastic breast cancer in the liver. Please help our mother of 4, grandmother, & loving wife fight cancer.


My name is Maliabeth Johnson and I would have never followed my childhood dream to become an actress without my mother. She has always been my source of inspiration and motivation for my dreams. She is not only my mother but, she is my one and only best friend. And as a victim of bullies in school; my mom was often the only person in the world I felt that I had. I love my mother.


Please help my Mother (Malia Johnson) fight cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2010 (6 weeks after she was married). She endured rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. She wore a wig and always wore a smile everywhere she went. With the help of her selfless husband and kids, she was able to stop wearing the wig while her hair slowly grew back. I have never been more proud of anyone in my life than I am of my mother. Malia was told last year that she was cancer-free. But, this October 2012 we found out that it has spread to her liver. Her doctor in Arizona told her that she has 2-6 months to live if she does nothing, and maybe 2 years if she does chemotherapy. Secondary (metastatic) cancer in the liver arises when cancer cells from other areas of the body (like breast cancer) metastasize (spread) to the liver and begin to grow. About 12,000 women die a year from this type of cancer.

Her children saw their energetic mother and we started the fight against her cancer. We found hope at City of Hope. We found Dr. Mortimer, MD to help us. After Dr. Mortimer saw my mother's case she set a few things straight. Obviously there is no cure. The cancer tumor in her liver is 8cm. They do not cut out secondary liver cancer because it is breast cancer in her liver. And it might be in other parts of her body. Thanks to the Bolero Breast Cancer Trials there is a new drug that has the potential to extend the lives of women with advanced, aggressive breast cancer. This treatment is hailed as "one of the biggest advances in years". Please help my beloved mother of 4 children, grandmother, and loving wife fight secondary liver cancer.


My mother has unconditional love for others. All she has ever wanted was to love and be loved back. After a divorce from my father 13 years ago she never stopped looking for love. Later on my mother thought she found love. But after marrying he became abusive. My mother had to find the strength to leave and repair her self-esteem. She started working for my little bother and little sister's school in Arizona. There she found the real love of her life in teacher, Gary Helmbold. They later were married. They truly are for each other. I see the two of them together and I can't help but smile. 6 weeks after they were married she found out she had breast cancer. Her husband was there for her through everything. He has done more for my mother than I can list. My mother once spoke to me about Gary helping her fight breast cancer, "He carried me on his back though the valley of death". Since then my older brother's daughter has turned 2, my little sister is married, my little brother is loving college, and I just got engaged to the man of my dreams. My mom is so young. She has finally found true happiness in love. And at 56 she just found her love of photography. She takes her camera everywhere with her. She loves the ocean, nature, beauty, sea glass, her grand-baby, her kids, rocks, and being happy. She has so much more she wants to do with her life. There are so many life events she wants to be there for. My mother has a strong belief and faith that miracles can happen with the grace of God. When I asked my mom what advice she would give to others she said, "This has really made me stop and realize that every moment matters. Tell those that you love that you love them. Don't wait to live your life. Because life is a gift. Each day I have is a gift".


My mother is always worried about leaving her family with medical debt. She can no longer work at the school and wants to spend all her time with her family. Your contribution will help us pay for the new Bolero drugs that are over $2,600 a month co-pay. Her pain medication and other medications. Her out of pocket co-payments. Her bone scan (to see if it is in her bones) and other monthly tests. Her pending hospital bills with City of Hope. And transportation to City of Hope in Duarte, CA. from her Mesa, AZ. etc. It would make such a difference to have any help with these mounting medical costs. My mother means the world to me. Thank you for anything you are able to do to help my mother.


If you can’t contribute that is okay, but that doesn't mean you can’t help. Get the word out and make some noise about my mother and my campaign to help her fight cancer. Use social media, word of mouth, your local community centers or church. I can't thank you enough.

"This has really made me stop and realize that every moment matters. Tell those that you love that you love them. Don't wait to live your life. Because life is a gift. Each day I have is a gift". -Malia Johnson

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