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Stacy Williams went into Cardiac Arrest on July 12th 2011 and his life was forever changed.

On July 12th 2011 Stacy’s life changed forever. This sunny Tuesday morning started out as a typical morning for Stacy and his family. His wife took the day off of work to have a family day together with Stacy and their 2 children. Around noon the family ventured out to McDonalds to grab some hot fudge sundaes before heading to the local library to check out books and movies. In the library, on the second floor, Stacy was walking with his 13 year old daughter, Meghan, when he collapsed unexpectedly. He was having seizure like symptoms, was unresponsive and was struggling to breathe. Meghan ran to get her mom who was a few isles away. Their son, Dalton (who is 9), was downstairs in the children’s center.

Several other people at the library tried to assist Stacy. One person in particular started CPR on him when he stopped breathing while waiting for EMS to get to him. Once at the hospital, Stacy started receiving hypothermia treatment where his body temperature was lowered reserving oxygen for his vital organs and brain. He was in a coma for 2 days. His wife was by his side for these 48 straight hours. Hypothermia treatment is relatively new to the medical field and doesn’t always see improvement in the patient. With Stacy, it was successful. After 48 hours of his wife and children not knowing if he was going to wake up, he woke up. One of the first things he asked for upon waking up was coffee!

Since waking up and improving little by little each day Stacy has had to have a defibrillator put in. The defibrillator will shock his heart if his heart starts beating in arrhythmia again (abnormal heart beats). This is what caused him to go into cardiac arrest on July 12th. The doctors still aren’t sure of what caused his heart to have abnormal beats and there were no signs or symptoms of any issues previous to this incident. Stacy did have an artificial heart valve put in (his aorta heart valve was replaced with a titanium allow valve) when he was 17. He has managed to live an active lifestyle until now.

Stacy spent 14 days in ICU from July 12th until July 25th. His family has gone from a 2 income family down to a 1 income family. Let’s help them out as much as we can! Stacy can’t read of write and the only type of labor he knows is hard labor. Due to his heart condition he isn’t and will not be able to resume this type of labor. While his family is very happy and relieved at the progress of his recovery, the medical bills and living expenses are piling up fast.
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