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This fundraiser will alleviate some of the financial stresses, enabling the Metcalfes to focus fully on providing the care Vicki needs.

It's a cliché but to know her is to love her. I have had the honor of knowing Vicki for almost 15 years as I went to college with her oldest daughter Tam. From the moment I met her she took me in as her own. I have witnessed such kindness and compassion through her. She treats everyone she meets with a heart full of love. From her wonderful grandbabies to her kid's friends to the cashier at Walgreens. I have witnessed them all. I have seen her in the midst of pain and sickness continuously ask how others are with a smile on her face. I have had her check in on my new job while she is battling radiation on a daily basis. I have heard how she makes friends with the gentleman who pushes her wheelchair to treatment, while many would not attempt to know his name. She has a servant's heart wanting everyone she meets to feel loved and feel that they belong. I know that if you are reading this you have somehow been on the receiving end. 

After finishing a year-long treatment plan for breast cancer, the family was so happy to move on to the next things in life. This moment of relief was short lived as continuous hip pain turned out to be mestatsized breast cancer. They went into the hospital believing it was pain from chemo only to find out that the cancer had returned to the bone. To go through cancer once is a battle no one is ready for but to have it strike your family three times in 5 years is unimaginable. This is however what the Metcalfe family is going through. Tamara was diagnosed with stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma in 2009 and Vicki is in her second bout. However this cancer has no idea what its up against. 

If you know the Metcalfes you know they are facing this head on with faith, hope and humor. The fight alone is hard enough but on top of that there are the financial obligations that are weighing on the family. With Vicki and Joe being self employed, any time away from work means a change in income so that alone is a big change. Tamara is stepping away from work to care for her mother, along with Joe. This is a blessing to have the time together but still a constant struggle. This plus all the unexpected bills and unforeseen expenses ahead are a constant worry. 

I have set up this fundraiser to help alleviate some of the financial stress of the family. It will be used for medical expenses, travel expenses, home remodeling to accommodate Vicki's wheelchair, quality of life and general living expenses. Vicki's "cancer butt kicking team" is now in Houston where she will be at MD Anderson. There will be lots of travel, hotel stays, food and also time away from work for Tamara and Joe. Any help is appreciated so they can focus their efforst on Vicki.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this and donating if possible. Follow their journey at

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