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Welcome to the Jasper 9 Lives Fund. All money received will help finance Jasper's medical and surgical needs.

Life #1: 1 1/2 years ago, a common orange and white tabby cat wandered my way as I was feeding a small colony of feral cats. As I put out another bowl of food for him, I noticed he wasn't neutered, so I made a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) appointment for him via our local TNR service. Several weeks later, when his appointment time arrived, he disappeared.

Didn't see him again for 4 months. Alot happened in those 4 months. In fact, when he reappeared I wasn't really sure this was the same cat because there was something very wrong with his eyes.

I thought he might have been abused, perhaps someone cruel and evil threw some acid into his eyes. I took some closeup pictures of those eyes and emailed them to Dr. Julie Levy of Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program for her opinion. She said it was not abuse but an entropian eyelid condition requiring corrective surgery.

While others said to euthanize him, I prayed on it and felt directed to see him get the $750 operation, even though it meant putting more stress on my credit card debt load.

Life #2. He didn't come back to Orlando, FL right away. He stayed in the High Springs area, where the surgery was performed, during recovery with some friends. About a month after the surgery, I made arrangements for him to return to Orlando where the plan was to get him adopted, once we determined that he wasn't feral.

He came back with a quarter size patch of hair missing on his neck. The foster care volunteer put some antibiotic cream on it, but over the next several days it worsened. It was spreading. His whole body was being consumed with this affliction. One month and 4 vets later, it was finally and correctly diagnosed as ringworm.

But because he had full access to my no bedroom studio apt. shared with 3 other cats, a dog and myself, Jasper's ringworm spores were all over the place. Every one of us got it and had to get treatment. Another huge financial expense added to my already stressed credit card debt load.

Jasper was in such bad condition, the vet who diagnosed the ringworm correctly, didn't rule out advising me to consider euthanasia. I prayed on it and once again felt directed not to do it.

Life #3. Near the end of Jasper's ringworm treatment, my vet saw a need to recommend giving an enema. Never heard of an enema before then, but that was the first of many enemas to be administered over the next several months.

Jasper saw several vets when the diagnosed constipation became obstipation to severe fecal impactions and suspected megacolon. But all the vets were stumped as to why the problem only occurred at the very back end. Two vets, independent of each other, speculated that maybe it was a hernia type situation and not megacolon at all.

It was recommended that Jasper see a specialist. Jasper was indeed diagnosed with bilateral perenial hernias, which basically means the fecal matter will never exit the body in a normal manner and he would need enemas the rest of his life, which had become a weekly thing.

I was given a low-high estimate surgical cost range of $2000 - $2600 per side. Again euthanasia was suggested and again I prayed and again felt directed not to do it.

His bloodwork came back normal and the ultrasound showed no physical irregularities. I couldn't justify killing one of the Lord's living creations because he couldn't defecate like normal cats but with corrective surgery, that could be fixed.

The surgery is in two parts. He had the first surgery Aug. 8. He is due for his second surgery now, but has been postponed for a few weeks in hopes that our appeal to others for help to acquire the funds to pay for Jasper's second surgery will be forthcoming by the end of Oct or sooner.

The Onyx and Breezy Foundation has graciously committed $500 for this 2nd operation. But we still need to raise $2100. No contribution is too small or too great, be it a few quarters or a few dollars.

On behalf of Jasper, I humbly appeal to those who are in a better position than I am to provide for this part of Jasper's young life.

Life #4. Can you help finance Jasper's 2nd surgery and help see him into his 4th life?
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