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Mica is a specially abled GSD. The goal is to get her hips a movin' so she can run and play again, like every dog should.

Hello! My name is Mary and my furbaby's name is Mica. Or as I like to call her M Bear or Bear. She is a 9 year old sweet, tenacious, fighting, big spirited German Sheperd. She was healthy until about 18 months ago. Since then she has been plauged with a series of health issues. Most very breed specific. There have been many days on this journey that I thought I couldn't do it. It hurt me to look at my baby suffer. But you know what? She lives in the moment. She never feels sorry for herself. She never gives up.

Her window for surgery is past due for a back injury. But I found hydrotherapy. Basically, the bouancy form the water helps her walk more easily. I think it is something like the water does 65 percent of the work for her. The hydrotherapy is esentailly teaching her to walk again. She has been doing this for a few months now and we have seen great improvement. When I first took her to Doctor Filer and Jonna she could not stand at all. Now she walks across the back yard, across the apartment and I see her eat standing up. She can even potty with no assistance form me now.

This is HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Jonna, her physical therapist , said she did not expect to see such great results considering the time that has past since her injury. Time and time again, she continues to defy the odds. It's mindblowing to me truthfully. The fact that she won't give up makes me not give up. I think our love for one another is the other driving force that keeps us both going. I will post the link to the last fundraiser so you can read a little of our back story. Basically, last Easter I left with only Mica and a few personal items from a abusive situation. Then she got sick. It's been a rollercoaster since then. But the good news is we are still together and still fighting.

Anything you donate will go to her hydrotherapy, cold laser treatment or accupuncture. I gave up all of my stuff and I am okay with that. But I can't give up on her. There is no amount too small. I am just as thankful for one dollar as Iam for 50.

Be blessed and thank you all. Please share our story

Mary and Mica
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