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Join us to support Xiomara Pino & her determined fight against cancer and her pursuit of life! Love, friends and family of Xi!

In May 2011. Xiomara Pino, also called Xi for short, and her husband, Frank, were celebrating her 60th birthday in Cozumel, Mexico. They had the time of their lives and life was good! On the flight home however, Xi felt very fatigued and began to experience some pain in her lower abdomen. Still, she was at peace. She didn’t think much of the fatigue or abdominal pain, but when care and medication provided by her primary physician didn’t help, she made an appointment with her Rheumatologist who suggested a CAT scan of the abdomen for a clearer picture of what might be causing the pain.

“Waiting three days for the results of the biopsy felt like a lifetime,” she says. When the call finally came, she heard the diagnosis of cancer: ‘Classic Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 3A. Xi was shocked and in complete denial. She truly felt that all of the symptoms she experienced were due to her lifetime chronic illness called Bechet’s Syndrome. Xi thought about her faith in God and the wonderful support system she has around her with her friends, her church, and family. How would she tell her loving husband and adoring children?

After the difficult task of informing her family, friends and co-workers, Xi went for more testing: a bone-marrow biopsy, additional X-rays, on-going blood work, and doctors' visits. Within a few days, Xi’s life had completely changed. She was just on vacation celebrating turning 60 years old and just a few weeks later, she was literally fighting for her life.

Treatment began and Xi had to go on medical leave from work, per her Oncologist’s directives. As many of you know, Xi is a devoted Pastor’s wife and passionate about the work she does with the kids and the women’s ministry in the church. She was saddened that she no longer could teach Sunday school to the children and they miss her tremendously as well. Being such a social and warm person, Xi has much a difficult time staying away from crowds to avoid getting infections and not being able to hug and kiss people saddens her. Xi says, “It’s like living a bad dream that you can’t wake up from.” But the hardest part is seeing pain and fear in her children over the battle she faces.

Despite everything, Xi is determined to kick cancer all the way to remission! She, her family, and friends are putting all of their faith in God. Xi feels blessed she has such a wonderful support system and was amazed by the outpouring of love by friends and co-workers. With God’s hand and her great family and friends, she will continue to fight with all perseverance and determination. She feels hopeful and positive. Her second cycle of chemo ends in January. She plans on returning to her normal life as she knows it by going back to her fulfilling job and teaching God’s love to the children and women in her church.

Those of us that care about her and want to help are rallying together with the determination to raise funds to help pay for her chemo treatments, doctor co-pays, medication co-pays, ongoing testing and other medical expenses related to her cancer. Will you join us? No donation is too small. We assure you that your donation will be assisting an incredible woman that is committed to live and enjoy life!

Thank you and God bless you.

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