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Help with fixing my home/ possible scooter chair, and maybe a mini vacation for daughter... please read my story...

Hi, I am gonna give this one more try, It just seems as if I cant get no help no matter where I go, or who I ask, I just dont truley understand why. But heres my story

Help with fixing my home/ possible scooter chair, and maybe a mini vacation for daughter... please read my story...

About 2 yrs ago, I was living life, doing everything I wantedand enjoyed, had all the energy in the world, sometimes ran circles around myself.
And boom I woke up one day it it all came to a end, I had no energy, I was sick throwing up, fever chills, so I thought oh I just have a cold it will pass..Days went by, no better, weeks went by no better, months turned into a year and still no better.
I was a single mom at the time raising my 12 yr old daughter alone. I got scared, I did not know what was going on, I landed in the hospital, they treated me for what the thought to beleive was just a bad lung infection, a week later I was sent home, still trying to regain my energy, and nothing changed. I was still sick. And still no real answers. It got so bad it was like going to work just to get up to get in the shower each day, i felt like i had worked a 8 hours day. I spent countless hours with doctors who were running ever test you could image on me, to still end up with no answers. So through out this 2 yr period of time I was in hospital 6 different times, having to leave my home, and my daughter, to go and get treatment for the unknown illness. I had 3 different scopes done to look down in lungs to see if there was anything there , bloodworks, mri's, cat scans, you name it they did it.
The 2nd to last trip to hospital they told me I was in resp failure, that if I had went to sleep one more time before getting to hospital I would have never woken back up, wow did that scre me, and needless to say they said that in from of my daughter, wriong move, after that she would not leave me.. So I ended up homes schooling my daughter.. She would not leave me if she saw I was sick in the morning time.
It was a very long long year, and stifind out I have Sjogens Syndrome.. Which has nothing to do with whats going on with me, its just a auto-immune disease.. Still not a good thing, but treatable and does not put a hault to your life.
So at this point I am at a stand still no medical reason why I am so very sick, well, I had just bought the mobil home, I was living in right about the same time I had gotten sick, so I got thinking and researching and them saw my doctors and threw my cards on the table, could this be black mold, or mold period doing this to me, test me please. None of my doctors could tell me anything about mold, all specialty drs, lung , heart , Rheumatologist, Endocrinologist, stomache, general surgeon, even had a open lung bioposy done.
Still sick..
So I was done, I was tired , I was done not having a life, I sold the trailer I was in, to see if thats what was making me sick... I bought another used one and when I did it was a fast move. I paid many friends to pack me up and get me moved. I am not as sick as I was but I know there is still something going on.

But why I am here is becuase of moving so fast I never really looked at this home like I should have, and within 2 months the floors were falling through, becuase prior to me moving in there were major major water leaks in ever room that water went to.. I did the best I could to repair or cover the holes.. And leaks in ceiling. This is where I need your help. I need to ask if you could help me fix my floors and ceiling so that my daughter dont get hurt or myself. And get a bath tub, all we have is a stand up shower and It very hard for me because I have to use a chair while in shower. This need to be fixed before winter comes, and before someone gets hurt..

If your no comforatble with sending cash thats fine, gift cards to lowes or home depo will work as well. Please please help me...

I am so ashamed to even have to ask for help but I dont see any other way around this problem.

And whatever may be left over I would love to be able to get a scooter chair so I can enjot time with my daughter, doing things out and about, cause I am unable to walk long distances.. Its been forever since we went to mall, or zoo, or carnival, or fair, ect.... And maybe take a mini vacation with my daughter for all she has done for me, while I was so sick for almost 2 yrs. She deserves so much more than that, god love her, and thank god he gave me her to be my daughter, cause shes a true blessing to me...

Thank you.
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