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Let's rally around Tiffany Peerson and her four kids who need our moral and financial support through her fight with colorectal cancer.

Dear friends,

I am thankful for my sister, Tiffany. She looked out for me when we were kids. She is my friend, my blood, and a most impressive Super Mom to her four children. I cannot imagine this world without her.

In October she was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer. Earlier this year she was having unusual pain and bleeding and was found to be anemic in July. After a colonoscopy in early October, a cancerous tumor was found that was causing a significant blockage in her colon. They decided to operate right away, fearing a complete blockage might occur. Right before going in for her second colonoscopy on October 30th, she received CT scan results that the cancer had spread to her liver. On Halloween she went in for laparoscopic surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor had been lower than expected, more in her rectum, making the surgery go from laparoscopic to open abdominal. A 3-4 hour, mostly non-invasive procedure turned into 8 hours of a complicated colectomy.

The surgery was a success! They removed a baseball sized tumor, about a foot of her colon, and were able to reattach the rest of her colon. She spent a week in the hospital as her body slowly recovered, navigating some minor concerns and slowly moving from not even being able to drink water to eating solid foods. She has been referred to Stanford to complete her treatment. A recent PET scan shows that the cancer doesn't appear to have spread past her liver, but there are many tumors there. Chemo and direct restorative treatment to her liver will be needed. She meets for her first consultation with Stanford next week to find out what her treatment options will be.

This surprising diagnosis has been very jolting for her and her family. Her two boys and two girls, ages 15, 13, 10 and 3, have been faced with the scary reality that mom is sick and that there are unknowns that lay ahead. Family has been up in Eureka with her, acting as her nurse and providing a support team for the kids. It's amazing how it takes 2-4 adults to do what my sister was trying to mostly do on her own. It is not too surprising that her health suffered for all the things she tries to juggle. But now, the best thing for her kids is for her to heal, for her to fight, for her to be able to stay around as long as possible.

At 37, she is nowhere close to being done with this life. She wants to travel to Portugal, Italy and Australia. She wants to take her kids to Disney World. She wants the chance to have a fairytale wedding. She wants to see her kids graduate. She wants to be around to see her grandbabies being born.

What lies ahead is 2-4 months of chemo and likely more surgery. She has been unable to work since Oct 24th and any income she has right now is by the generosity of her co-workers donating their vacation hours to her, though it is yet unknown if her monthly take home pay will be the same. Even with her salary, for her family of 5 she is making slightly too much to be considered 130% below the Federal poverty level, which means she just misses the mark to qualify for many state and county financial assistance programs.

She needs funds to supplement her modest income to help cover everyday costs for her family, which includes her children's medical and orthodontic bills (two of her kids are currently in braces). She needs travel and temporary housing funds for when she goes to Stanford from Eureka for her treatments. She needs funds to cover her co-pays on her many prescriptions and doctors appointments. She needs funds for the increased electrical and water bills that are a result of having more people in her home right now. And she needs funds to help cover my basic costs of living to allow me to remain her full-time caregiver, as I've taken off work to do so.

On this webpage you can leave a message of encouragement, make a donation, get updates about her journey and become connected with events that will be held to support her.

Every donation you make, big or small, goes to giving her a greater peace of mind that she and her kids will be taken care of during this challenging time. It will allow her to put down any worry about money and focus just on healing. Her peace of mind is literally helping to save her life right now.

Donations can also be made directly to:

Tiffany Peerson
P.O. Box 12
Loleta, CA 95551

Or Paypal account

Thank you friends, for supporting someone so very dear to me.

Much Love,

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